I.G. Las Vegas at “Total Church” in San Diego

As some of you may know a group of us from I.G. Vegas went to the “Total Church” conference in San Diego at the beginning of August. We represented two different I.G. Communities in Vegas, and the potential birth of a new one as a result of the things we learned at the conference! The vision of Intentional Gatherings is that we would see simple expressions of the Gospel lived out by the people of Jesus in the context of tight-knit, Gospel centered, Biblical Community. We call these “missional communities” or “simple churches” for short. As an organization we seek to train, equip, and raise up young leaders to start MC’s in their neighborhoods, on their campuses, in their dorm rooms/apartments/etc.

This conference in San Diego was refreshing for all of us as we met others who are pursuing dreams similar to that of I.G. We felt very affirmed, encouraged, and better equipped in returning to Las Vegas to pursue the birth of sustain of MC’s all over the valley.

Seven of us hopped into a 15 passenger van that was donated to us by YWAM Las Vegas (Thanks guys!) and hit the road for San Diego…



From Left: Sam, Andrew, Dre, Rommel, Candace, Morgan, Aaron


Dre & Candace…them’s my “family”.


At the beach one afternoon following the conference…


Oh yes…swingin’ on the beach with my “fam”…can life get better?

Worship on the beach…Life CAN get better!




We had a blast together in San Diego, and learned a TON about starting new Gospel Centered Communities wherever we go. To learn more about “Total Church” read the book, or Click Here to investigate the conferences. You can also Click Here to go listen to the sessions from the conference.


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