Weddings, MC Training, & Good Friends…

Morgan and I spent the past week in Texas; it was a beautiful trip. Our main purpose for being in Texas was to serve our best friends, Jeremiah & Keri, as they vowed their lives to one another in marriage. I got to perform the wedding! (Thank you state of Texas-haha) The wedding was in Austin, and it could not have been more perfect. The Holy Spirit of God ordained their union in every way that I, as a man, could not do. In fact, all I really did was sign a peace of paper to make them “legal” in man’s eyes. They will certainly make a wonderful couple that uses their union to bring Glory to the Father, and growth to His kingdom.

The day after the wedding, which was in Austin, we hooked up with the I.G. Ft. Worth crew for some pizza. It was wonderful to see them all again, and see what God has been doing in and through them since we have moved to Las Vegas. We shared the first few days serving Jeremiah and Keri, and then caught up with one another. This was a huge blessing to Morgan and I.

We stayed with some of our close friends in Austin, the Stewart’s. They are precious, and have poured into Morgan and I in ways they will never know. They have three beautiful children, and are a perfect example of how to raise children who will fear the Lord.

We also had the chance to connect with two other people who have become close friends of ours, the Ramirez’. We are convinced that the four of us were separated at birth. Though we live in different states, the Lord has united us for life. We will serve Christ, one another, and grow His kingdom together from different parts of the world for years to come. Jonathan and Lauren we love you guys.

The week in Texas was busy. On Saturday we also had the pleasure of spending some time with some passionate students who attend the University of Texas in Austin. They are motivated, and ready to start “missional communities” all over UT to reach the lost for Christ. More at that to come…


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