I.G. Vegas Staying Busy…

I.G. tends to stay pretty busy most of the time. The team in Ft. Worth continues to serve the inner city of Ft. Worth, and we have been rockin’ and rollin’ here in Vegas as well. I will keep this short, and touch on the highlights for now…

I.G. House (Vegas=)

The I.G. House here in Vegas has become a reality. Candace & Lola will be moving into the house at the beginning of November as what we are calling “house hosts”. There will be space available for “interns” in the house as well. MUCH more on this to come…

I.G. Serving – Club Christ

As many of you know I.G. has been partnered with Club Christ Ministries here in the Vegas Valley for quite some time now. Candace Rink, who is a part of one of our I.G. Communities here in the valley is on their staff, and runs the entire North Las Vegas Site.

A few I.G.er’s, and some other Club Christ Volunteers got together yesterday to paint the North Las Vegas Site. It was beautiful to serve with our I.G. “family”, and bless another local non-profit as the body of Christ in the city. This is what it’s all about baby!

From Left: Mike, Wes, Candace, Aaron, Lola

From Left: Lola, Raymond, Wes

***Serving Club Christ over the past 9 months has been a blessing to I.G. Vegas***

I.G. + International Students

We have an amazing opportunity to work with UNLV international students here in Vegas. All Nations Fellowship has been started, and I have committed to serving them in any way that I can. I met with them this past Friday for their weekly fellowship gathering. There is HUGE potential for kingdom growth here. We hope to invite many of these students to be a part of our student simple church training here in Vegas in January. MUCH more on this to come…

Stay tuned in the next day or so for an entry about the Vegas Valley Missional Community Network Celebration Gathering that took place on Sunday, Octover 5th. It was a wonderful success…

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