, Biblical Seminary, & Sharp Minds…

I had the wonderful privilege of spending a few days with Morgan in Philadelphia last week. We were at Biblical Theological Seminary with the team shooting video of a conference that B.T.S. was hosting. The footage will be edited, and packaged into a wonderful training tool for missional leaders. Click Here to see some information about the conference including the schedule and speakers.

One of most beneficial parts of the weekend was a round table discussion that I was asked to video. Lance Ford, founder of, interviewed Scot McKnight, Brian McLaren, Tim Keel, Darrell Guder, and John Franke about their thoughts on important issues regarding the church in America, and it’s mission. It was very difficult for me to focus on filming this discussion. I kept getting distracted by the profound things I was hearing, and will probably have to edit out several “amen’s!” & “come on’s!” & “that’s right’s!” I snuck out my phone during the interview and got a couple pictures…

From left: Brian McLaren, John Franke, & Scot Mcknight

From left: Scot Mcknight, Darrell Guder, & Tim Keel

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