“Underground Church” Newsletter…

A UNLV journalism student put together this newletter about “Intentional Gatherings” and the “Vegas Valley Missional Community Network“. Hopefully it will begin to circulate throughout Las Vegas and begin to connect the other simple/home/organic churches or “missional communities” in the Valley. The student’s purpose is to connect like-minded individuals in the city to know about one another, and eventually partner to be on mission together to spread the Gospel in the Las Vegas! Praise Christ!

For more information on “Intentional Gatherings” or the “Vegas Valley Missional Community Network” send an email to iglasvegas@gmail.com OR contact any of the individuals listed on the newsletter.


2 thoughts on ““Underground Church” Newsletter…

  1. Cool to see you’re working with Apex… I think they’re a part of my “tribe.” Throw a little more detail out there about how the VVMCN is working out and developing.

  2. Things with the Valley Wide Network seem to be going well. Things have shifted and changed from the beginning, which is what we wanted more than anything. We didn’t try to figure everything out, but committed to unifying as believers in the same city. We are committed to being connected with one another through individual relationships throughout life, and also serving one another/others when opportunities arise. As of right now the Network consists of about 5 different individual organizations or networks which total about 10 communities that do life spread out all over the city. We meet up every quarter to celebrate what God is doing through our simple churches throughout the valley. We pray for one another, and are edified as we hear stories of transformation from all over the city.

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