Student CPx Concentrate: Las Vegas

vegaspromosmallerOn January 16th students from campuses all over the country will be arriving here in Vegas for a weekend of training, affirmation, edification, and empowerment. Many of these students attended our two week CPx training in Kansas over the summer, and will be reuniting with their fellow student church planters to share stories of how God has moved on their campuses/in their neighborhoods. They will pray for one another, and be better equipped to go back home to keep on rockin’. The training will be hosted on UNLV’s campus, and those attending will be housed in UNLV’s Tonapah Hall.

This weekend has been opened up to anyone who desires to take the Gospel to their campuses, neighborhoods, apartment complexes, etc. in a simple and reproducible way. The weekend will be full of hands on practical tools for allowing Gospel seeds to take root in dark places, causing a new community of believers to birth. Students, who are not already, will be paired up with older, more experienced mentors from all over the country as a part of our new nation-wide mentoring program. Student CPx will throw a party for UNLV’s International Students as a way to bless the city/campus, as well as help launch a new International Student Ministry called “All Nations Fellowship”.

State representatives from 24/7 prayer will also be joining us on UNLV’s campus for the weekend. There will be a 24 hour prayer room set up the entire time, as well as chances to hear about ways to be involved with nation-wide prayer & student church movement initiatives.

The bulk of this training will not be spent in lecture style meetings, but there will be a handful of speakers from around the country who will be there to share some great insight with us. There will be breakout sessions on Spiritual Fathers/mentoring, Living in Community, and much more! Students will be broken up into simple churches for the weekend where they will be better equipped to lead simple church gatherings, initiate conversations with the lost, lead evangelistic Bible Studies, and make disciples through natural/everyday life experiences.

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Cost is $125 for the entire weekend, which includes everything except transportation to Vegas. If you are a Vegas local, and do not need lodging you can register for the entire weekend for $50!

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