Sums It All Up…

This two minute video pretty much sums up what I hope to spend the rest of my life doing. The sad thing is that i’ve spent the last 2 years complicating this very simple pursuit, and allowing that to be a source of conflict among other believers. I’m done with that. I feel a lovely peace knowing that I am called to do nothing more, and nothing less than what is illustrated below. Enjoy.


11 thoughts on “Sums It All Up…

  1. Aaron,

    I feel like more often then not, when I do comment, I come across as a critic. I don’t intend to merely criticize, but to share thoughts that will challenge both of us (and readers I guess). Of course, I think we should absolutely be committed to multiplication but not to the exclusion of addition. God has historically done both in the life of his church, which HE is building. Sometimes, Paul would hit a city and be gone in 2-3 weeks. Other times, like Ephesus, he could stay a number of years. I think these rhythms of multiplying and adding (and even subtracting and dividing!) happen more naturally than depicted in the video. That said, I think conceptually it’s right on target.

    The other thing is that we simply do not see this as a reality. Not because people aren’t committed to multiplication. Even reading The Forgotten Ways and seeing Hirsch give tons of examples of church movements that have missional/movement ethos about them have not accomplished this and aren’t even coming close. Much of what goes on is unseen. The reason isn’t because they don’t believe in multiplication, but because it’s just not as black and white as we can make it on a video.

    • Good input Mike. However, the focus here is on modeling the way Jesus made disciples. Though he did teach to large groups of people, he spent most of his time with 12. He reproduced Himself in them, and they were able to go and do the same. The purpose of the video was simply to show that if every individual Christian took time to POUR their life into ONE other Christian in such a way that they could go and do the same we would see this type of movement that we have yet to see in America…=)

  2. You’re right that’s it’s not quite so black and white in real life, but I don’t think that’s really the main point of the video. I mean, I doubt that anyone is saying that they really expect to see the whole world come to Christ in 27 years or whatever…

    No, the real point is not about multiplication vs. addition, or any other such silly debates, but it’s really about what it means to disciple people…

    It’s about recognizing that the Kingdom of God is all about relationships, and that the only real way to share one’s own close relationship with God through Christ, with another person, is through a relationship with them that is up close and personal, where the person being “discipled” can see for themselves, “behind-the-scenes” if you will, what it looks like to follow Jesus day in and day out…

    That’s what is so radically different from the prevailing mindset, which revolves around getting people to make “decisions” in one form or another, and then passing them off somewhere, to a set of programs, where the majority of the time they’ll be listening to people talk up from up on a stage…

    Whether it appears to be a slower or faster “method” is really irrelevant to me. I see the key point being that it’s of greater value to focus on the slow grind of investing in individuals, that they might truly reach maturity in Christ, than to get the quick-fix feeling of seeing a hundred people coming to a meeting, who may very likely spend the rest of their lives as spiritual babies, dependent on the milk from a person behind a pulpit, who doesn’t ever get to know them personally…

  3. This is very beautiful, and it’s great to see that you are doing well in your new city!

    I have now relocated to Portland, Oregon to continue my education at Portland State University. I am attending Imago Dei Community church, the one where Donald Miller goes. I am sort of headed in the same direction as you, eventually I would love to just go all out with my faith and travel with the Lord to all countries.
    I am only one step deep right now, and about to jump in all the way.
    You better expect that I’ll be reading your entries for inspiration, you are a true character in your process.

    • Hey Kara! It’s so good to hear from you! You’re in Portland!? No way. Morgan LOVES that place. I’ll be there in February doing a panel discussion interview with Frank Viola, Dan Kimball, and Alan Hirsch. They are authors who have written great books that have really inspired us in our journey. I’m excited for you and what you are pursuing. Jump in ALL THE WAY! Step out in faith and do things that are crazy…things that everyone else thinks are crazy. That’s pretty much our story. All along the way people have thought we were crazy. =) If you ever need anything just let me know. Also, we should all get together in Portland in Feb….let me know what you think. Take care

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