Daddy’s Little Girl!

Yep, you read it right. Morgan and I are having a baby girl in July! We have had a weird feeling all along that we were having a girl, not to mention several “prophetic words” spoken that it would be so. (Thanks Leslie! I mean…Lollie!=) We did several “gender prediction” tests and they all pointed towards the absence of man parts. We went in Tuesday for our second ultrasound at 16 weeks…

(The top picture is her little foot)


(This is a beautiful profile shot…look at her little nose!)

I know what you’re thinking: “It’s too soon to be able to tell the sex, and it could change”. (At least that’s what I have been saying) However, our ultrasound technician, who happens to be a good friend, assured us that there is NO way we are having a boy. She pointed out three little lines in between the babies thighs, and explained that these are her “girl parts”. We were told not base it off the absence of “man parts”, but the presence of these three folds of skin.

(The bottom picture is a picture of her thighs, and bum pressed up against the belly. There are three little white lines in between the thighs…GIRL PARTS=)


Anyhow, if it’s wrong then we’ll have freakin’ awesome little baby boy. We are so excited to be parents, and appreciate all of your prayers as we prepare to raise this baby to be a little disciple of Christ.

15 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Girl!

  1. when we did our “sex” ultrasound at 19 weeks it was very obvious what we were having. no doubts. that boy was not modest and still isn’t. its amazing to see how much he has the same profile that he had at that ultrasound. it soooo looks like Justin’s nose and still does. you guys will be amazed at how much she will resemble her profile. we are so excited for you guys and can’t wait to hear name choices. whatever her name, the Lord knows it already and she is blessed beyond words.

  2. YEAH!!!!! She is going to be a cutie for sure. Their profile pictures are so amazing!!!! Their faces are so sweet. I am so happy that things are going well. Hope that you guys had a great holiday season.

  3. How exciting! We were also overjoyed to learn the sex! I can get my girl-fix by buying you girlie baby clothes!!! And Conrad has a girlfriend!!! It’s fun to have friends that will have a new baby just like ours around the same time! It’s funny that you said that you always had a feeling that she was a girl because we had the same experience. When we watched him in the first ultrasound we kept saying “Look at HIM, He’s so cute!” He just acted like a boy! We can’t wait! We’ll keep you guys in prayer. The first trimester sucks, the second is awesome, the third is kind of like the first i’m told. Hang in there!

    • Haha! Awww! I know. They’re gonna be buddies! It’s weird how we had a feeling she was gonna be a girl, and that you guys had the same feeling about Conrad! Can’t wait to hold that little boy! He’s gonna be incredibly cute. Thanks for the tips! Keep em’ comin!

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