Laying the Foundation…

We kicked off Student CPx last night. A lot has happened since then. We have also been trying to capture everything on video. It’s been difficult as there are many tracks going on simultaneously. I will most certainly post and share what we have once things calm down and I get a chance to edit. I promise you will eat this stuff up. Here are some highlights I shared last night to lay a foundation for the weekend:

1) Release from a performance mindset – “We don’t perform to earn God’s approval, we respond and obey because we already have His approval.”

2) We believe that the Lord is bringing together a marriage of the Apostolic and the Prophetic. We need one another. The Apostolic need to learn to slow down and pray. The prophetic need to get out of the prayer room and DO IT. The Lord is marrying the two so we can help, and learn from one another.

3) I received a prophetic word from the Lord that we will see 10 new communities of faith birthed in Las Vegas over the next year. Partially as a result of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit over Las Vegas during CPx.

4) THE GREAT COMMISSION: As a filter that we run everything through not only this weekend but when we go home. There’s an interesting order…”I have given you authority”….”GO MAKE DISCIPLES”…”I am with you always”. The command is to go make disciples because we have authority and power in the Holy Spirit that lives within us. Everything must START here. The GC does NOT say to plant churches (“simple” or…NOT simple))…it does not command to start prayer rooms, or ministries, or programs. It simply says to go and MAKE DISCIPLES. I submitted to the students that if we start there that ALL Of that other stuff will naturally fall into place as a result of a life transformed by the Gospel.

5) CPx is not about us as individuals. This is not the next cool, hip, Christian thing to do. It’s not even about us AT ALL. It’s about the kingdom. We have it backwards. We get distracted thinking that it’s about us, OUR walk with God, OUR simple church, OUR ministry, OUR quiet time, etc. WOW.

“The enemy has taken this beautiful faith that tells us to DIE to ourselves, take up our crosses and follow Jesus (Great Commission), tricked us and SEDUCED us into thinking that at the end of the day it’s STILL ABOUT US!?”

It’s NOT about us! I challenged the students that if they came to CPx wanting to recieve something to shift their mindset to one of “what do I have to offer/give to this movement of the Spirit, while trusting that God will naturally meet all my needs along the way as I go and obey this pursuit of the kingdom.”

6) We are attempting to create a sense of Spiritual Family among those with a vision to make disciples in order to see the great commission fulfilled, and new communities of faith birthed.

-Along with that we are attempting to raise up Spiritual Fathers and Mothers to mentor young people as they pursue these visions that do not seem to be extremely popular among many of our current Christian leaders.

7) You are not here to learn from experts who have it all figured out. You ALL bring something unique and different to the table that we all have to learn from. Everyone must posture their heart as a student and a teacher this weekend.

I’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback you may have. More to come…the weekend has been incredible, and the students empowered. It’s not over yet…

8 thoughts on “Laying the Foundation…

  1. Our actions should not be to earn our way to an eternal reward, but because we have been changed by relationship with Him. So much of the traditional church mindset is about “me” and what I have to do to make sure I am ok with Him. In short it is all about me.

    The demonstration of apostolic power in our lives will come when we realize based on a relationship with Jesus, we have been sent as He was sent into this world. Preach, teach and demonstrate the Kingdom.

  2. Dude,
    Sounds like some really, really cool stuff is taking place. Get through the weekend, take some time to chill and process, and call me up. We’ll chat more kingdom stuff.

    • Hey man. YES, the weekend was incredible, and humbling in many ways. We learned a lot about the power of the Spirit moving when we stay out of the way. A lot happened: Students Baptized students, coaches/mentors rose up to walk with student church planters, disciples were made, young lay people were released to make disciples Baptizing them and allowing for new communities to be birthed. We’ll chat later, and i should have video from sessions up in the next couple weeks.

  3. Hey Aaron, just want to encourage you to hold on to all the video footage that you guys compile, not just from the CPX thing, but from all that you’re involved with in serving Jesus down there in Vegas, if possible. Heather and I have a vision for a “film” project that God has layed on our hearts, and you guys are some of the people that God brought to mind… We’ll email soon, and try and give the fuller picture, and see if you want to be a part of it… Take care…

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