In Case You Needed More Proof…

I few weeks back I informed you all that Morgan and I are having a baby girl…Here’s a short video from the Dr.’s office when we found out…

We’ll go in for another Sonogram soon. By then she’ll be much bigger! Morgan’s belly is starting to grow…pictures to come SOON…

9 thoughts on “In Case You Needed More Proof…

  1. Thanks for sharing her with us…. what a miracle!

    If she ever finds out that you posted this on your blog… you are going to be in deep trouble, Daddy! Hahahaha, Madi is 12 now but I can remember her first sonogram like it was yesterday!

  2. Come up with any names yet? She did a lot of “rolling around” in there on the video, huh? I think she is anxious to start her Jiu-Jitsu training! haha congratulations brother!

  3. My sisters name was Kevin before it was Jennifer. They were told she was a boy, and found out when she was born that she infact, did not have boy parts. That was the 80’s though. Technology has gotten much better! I don’t know what we’d do if we found out Conrad was a girl when he was born. That would be crazy!

    We’re excited for your girl!

  4. This is so amazing! Thanks for letting us be a part of this…you guys are going to be incredible parents. Can’t wait to meet the little lady.

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