Too Long For Twitter…

I wanted to post this wonderful quote by Neil Cole as a Twitter update, but it’s over the maximum 140 characters allowed by Twitter. I just couldn’t pass up sharing this short, but powerful sentence. It’s from a blog that Neil posted today in a series of blogs he’s posting called “False Ideas“.

“…The way we try and remove ourselves from the “secular” world for fear of losing our spiritual power demonstrates that we actually believe more in the power of the darkness than we do in the light of Jesus Christ. Ouch!”   -Neil Cole-

I would encourage you to go read the entire post. I believe it is hitting the root of why Christianity is on a decline in the West.

1 thought on “Too Long For Twitter…

  1. wow, that really says so much….i was having this discussion or one like it, w/a good friend over ‘secular’ music, how a christian can be very adamant about not listening to “secular” music, but then will consume T.V. series after T.V. series, it made us wonder similarly what’s the deal? I know that i was delivered from darkness, from death and the ‘secular’ world isn’t something i’m afraid of, I was brought into the light, I was made new….the darkness similarly to “the Labrinth” has no power over me, yes I’m tempted and or able to fall back into old or new sin, but to remove myself from people who are JUST LIKE ME, except for the fact that they haven’t accepted a gift FREELY offered, will never make sense to me.

    Anyway, that’s kind of a ramble, but Neil Cole summed something up rather simply, all i’ve known really is that something is off, when we’re afraid of the world vs. our Lord.

    peace, heather
    thanks for sharing, i love good quotes that encompass so much w/less words. 🙂

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