Morgan’s Belly…

I just wanted to share some quick pictures of Morgan’s belly as of last week. It has started to shoot out lately! We’ve started doing goofy things like:

1) Me singing to Morgan’s belly…(Nothing makes you feel more silly…)

2) Turning all the lights off, and holding a flashlight to her belly to get the baby to move…

3) Me holding my hand on her belly forever, but still not feeling anything…she keeps saying, “Did you feel that!? How about that!?” me: “No” = (

Haha. Anyhow, we’re at 5 months, and here’s a couple belly shots!

photo-2516 weeks…

photo-5718 weeks…we think…

photo-7519 weeks…

photo-8120 weeks….

photo-9320 weeks….

Please feel free to share any goofy ideas you’ve tried in attempts to “feel the baby kick”, etc.


11 thoughts on “Morgan’s Belly…

  1. I’m so glad to know eamon’s not the only one!
    One time he felt something turn, but since then its “Oh, you HAD to have felt that!” “Nope, STOP TALKING!”

    BUT– if you get Morgan to get on all fours like in yoga’s “childs pose” so the baby is hanging, THAT might work. I feel like an idiot, but it works

  2. We sometimes shout at the baby. That doesn’t work so well though….
    Or If i lay flat, we think it pisses him off and he goes nuts moving and kicking. Just wait until you see a whole butt or head sticking out of Morgans stomach. It’s crazy.

  3. Remember the movie Aliens? Kinda weird huh?

    I totally remember putting my hand on the belly, hoping to feel movement, and being like “nope, sorry babe, still not feeling it”….

    By the way, you guys have a funky pad, I like the curtains!


  4. I felt Braxton move at about 18 weeks, but Blake didn’t feel him move until about 21 or 22 weeks. We always felt him move at night after supper while I was laying on the couch. We didn’t do anything crazy to get Blake to feel the baby move, but I did stand on my head and crawl on the floor in order to get him to flip into the “head down” position.

  5. Morgan is absolutely glowing!! Well just be patient I felt Preston move ALOT sooner than Wes did and by the last 2 months you will actually be able to see her belly move, the whole alien thing. Preston moved the most late at night after dinner so maybe try then. Hope all is going well!!

    • Hey! Everything is going so well! We just spent HOURS at Babies R Us registering for stuff. Morgan said i’m a trooper, haha. I can feel her kickin A LOT now, and can’t wait to see her movin’ around in there. Tell Wes I said hey!

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