Lots of “Snow” in Vegas…

Last week my Dad, Mom, and two little brothers drove out to Vegas to spend the some time with us. Isaac, my older brother, had to stay in Texas to work. It was great to see them all, and we had a heck of a time. However, we were all exhausted by the end of the week. (It was supposed to be somewhat of a restful week for all of us, but ended up being TONS of fun/not very restful) It is the first time we have had our family out to Vegas other than when my little bro Samuel helped us move, and when Morgan’s mom Leslie came right after we moved. It was so refreshing to be with them. This is a shout out to my fam…

There are too many great pics, so I had to narrow it WAY down. To see a bunch more CLICK HERE if you have Facebook. For now:

dscf2318At the Venetian during the “Strip Tour”

(From Left: Jesse, Mom, Samuel, Me)

dscf2417Dad caught me relieving myself behind some bushes. Not cool.

dscf2388Hiking at Red Rock – that’s us, the 3 little dots at the top…

(From Left: Samuel, Me, Jesse…or…ummm…Me, Samuel, Jesse…uhhh)

dscf2465Just Arrived at Mt. Zion, Utah for a picnic & some hiking…

dscf2476While “picnicing” we were drawn to this LARGE tree…then drawn UP it…

dscf2481Jesse couldn’t resist, and followed me up

dscf2484At the top – now, how to get down…

dscf2558There’SNOW other way to cross a river…ahhhhTHankYou (Casey Taylor, that one was for you buddy =)

dscf2516Angel’s Landing at Mt. Zion. We’re about to climb that…to the top.

dscf2499On the way up…

(From Left: Jesse, Samuel, Me)

dscf2533At the top with the bro’s.

(From Left: Me, Abs of steal #1, Abs of steal #2 – They got abs, I got a hairy chest.)

Ok, so I tried to narrow it down, but didn’t do a very good job…there’s still more on Facebook.

Mom, Dad, Jesse, and Samuel I love you guys! Thanks for driving 20 hours to hang on our turf.

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