Compound Interest…

***I promise this post is not about finances & investments!***

“If you would just set aside $100.00 each month starting NOW then you would be a millionaire by age 65!”

My mother has told me this several times since I was about 18. Many of you have probably heard something similar to this scenario as well. It is very true, though I do not personally know anyone in real life who has ever done it. Apparently, some sort of a mathematical phenomenon takes place when you make a small investment each month into various types of mutual funds/investments, which accrue a compounding interest. Basically, you earn interest on the principle amount that you invest each month, but you also begin to earn a return on the interest as well. Somewhere down the line you see an explosion, but it takes time. You can’t argue with basic math. The small investment each month WILL multiply into a LARGE sum of money in the window of about 40 years.

What I am submitting now is that there is exponential value in this particular pursuit of discipleship; what I believe to be the “way Jesus did things”. Again, we just don’t like it because it might take longer; heck, we may never even get to see the fruit from it. We will not get glory for it, or should I say we will no longer be able to rob God of the glory HE deserves. However, we can be assured that if we take the challenge to pour into just a few people at a deep level we are doing exactly what Christ called us to do, and there will be an explosion somewhere down the line. We can be assured that the disciples we are making WILL make more disciples (Otherwise we can’t say we’ve effectively discipled them in the first place).

Here’s a quick video illustrating what this might “look like” if we did it. Many of you have already seen this video, but it’s worth a re-watch.

It seems so easy doesn’t it. So why don’t we do it? I assume it is the same reason that I have never met anyone who has actually become a millionaire by investing $100 a month into a mutual fund. However, if we dared to take the challenge might we wake up in forty years to see that the Holy Spirit has swept through our land to raise up a holy army of kingdom warriors? And this, all because we found value  pouring our everything into a few people for a few years against all outside pressure from the world around us. At every turn the “world around us” screams that we are wasting our time on small/insignificant things when we could be “allowing the Lord to do great things through us”. May we not be seduced by that lie any longer. Jesus save us from ourselves, and replace what we value with what YOU value.

4 thoughts on “Compound Interest…

  1. amen amen. SO good, and SO true. I really believe that this is what its going to take, but its just what you said aaron.
    “pouring our EVERYTHING” thats where it gets hard. DISCIPLES aren’t willing to give everything to PRODUCE disciples. What is interesting to me, is how were WE created as disciples in the first place? The exact same way we are called to create.
    It’s a heart change. When people are ready to exchange idols for JESUS, then we are ready for business. It’s time to get ridiculous for the sake of Jesus’ name.

    2 Corinthians 5.13. yes.

  2. More astounding is that the average American Christian invests $400 a month in car payments and does so continuously from age 27 to 65. Now if you were to take that money and put it in a mutual fund you would have over $ 4,000,000. So while you may have not met anyone who did the $100 dollar a month thing and became a millionaire, you have met Christians who have thrown away millions of dollars to drive new cars!

    Sorry for the rant, good thoughts and paradigm shifting for many of us about what we consider to be “good” investments.

    • There are so many examples like this Ryan. My prayer is that we as believers will begin to step up and do things differently than the world in terms of how we use our resources. Thanks for the input! Good stuff!

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