“To All My LADIES!”

I just had to do this…I know there are millions of people posting blogs today about Mother’s Day, and I swore I wouldn’t jump on the bandwagon. However, I was thinking about how special these ladies are to me I couldn’t help but show em’ some “blog love”. So here they are, three very special ladies…& a 4th little non-mom lady on the way…

IMG_1882To my lovely Bride & soon-to-be mommy: I love you baby, more now than ever before! Thanks for carrying our little girl in your belly for 33 weeks now!

IMG_0230To my awesome, slot machine pullin’ mom! (I told you this photo would come back to haunt you!) I love you so much, and realize more and more everyday how grateful I am for you. You are going to be a superb grandmother!

n648371399_1920974_1754To my incredible Mother-in-law, Leslie, who cares for me like one of her very own, and has been a wonderful mother to my wife. Thanks for always lettin’ us take over your house when we come in town! Love you! (You are also going to be a kick A grandmother.=)


3 thoughts on ““To All My LADIES!”

  1. I really enjoyed this.

    But, I always thought of a mother becoming a mother on the day of conception – she lends every part of her heart and soul to nourish and take care of her baby. It is when the baby is born that she becomes a mommy – such a simple name to adults, but to children a safe haven, protection, care, and above all – love.

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