We’re So Vain…

I have been working out at Las Vegas Athletic Club for about 6 months now. I’ve noticed something since the first day I started working out, but it has become increasingly humorous the more I pay attention to it. Not to mention it has caused me to check my own heart, and make sure that I am not found guilty of the same particular act.

People think they’re sexy. Bottom line.

Do you ever notice how gyms are surrounded on all sides by mirrors? They are everywhere. At LVAC there is almost nowhere you can go where there aren’t mirrors. At the gym people check themselves out CONSTANTLY. Whether they’re walking in to go change for workout, in the middle of workout, or finished and leaving they are gawking at themselves in the mirrors. Now, every time I go I count how many people I see checking themselves out. This makes for quite the humorous workout. It also keeps me from slipping into the trap myself.

Let’s face it: we’re all vain. I watch guy after guy walk from the gym toward the locker room literally staring at themselves in the mirror for a solid minute; most of them almost collide with other guys in the process. Some of them even give themselves a little devlish grin as if to say, “damn, you are one sexy beast”. The funny thing is that it doesn’t matter how physically attractive the people actually are, they’re all still checking themselves out. It’s really kinda weird.

I’ve also noticed that people like to watch themselves work out. It has become such a weird thing to me that I intentionally face my back to the mirrors. I am the ONLY one in the gym NOT making goofy faces in the mirror as I lift far too much weight for my body while feeling really good inside about how much my veins are popping out of my arms. Yesterday a couple guys even looked at me puzzled like, “why are you facing your back to the mirror, dude?”

Bottom line: In America we care far too much about our appearance, our looks, our bodies, etc. which comes down to a root issue of our own insecurity in who we are. I’m quite certain there’s some level of wanting to impress, or get affirmation from others as well. I just thought it was funny, and wanted to share it with you all. I can now proudly say that I’m not a gym club mirror-monger. I refuse to look at myself in the mirror at the gym aside from maybe a random glance to make sure my fly is zipped. I do not watch myself workout. Instead, I watch others, and it’s freakin’ funny.

Are you, or anyone you know a gym club mirror-monger?


19 thoughts on “We’re So Vain…

  1. I look at myself
    I take pictures
    I hang them up in my room right next to my picture that you sent me of you.
    I thought I was sexy…but you are on a whole other level.

    btw–guilty as charged….but I’m looking at the mirror to make sure my form is correct. 😉

  2. I accidentally caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror one time after I stepped out of the shower (at home–I don’t go to the gym). I didn’t know whether to laugh or throw up.

  3. I teach cycle class at 24 hour fitness and your mirror theory is 100 percent accurate. It is as if we are enchanted by our own image. A mirror or a reflection is the only way we ever get to see our own faces. Try it, all you will be able to see is the tip of your nose, a lip, a cheek bone. It would be an interesting exercise to not look into a mirror for a week and trust the one who made us that we are perfect in every way regardless of what the reflection tells us.

  4. “damn, you are one sexy beast”.

    You crack me up Aaron.

    I try not to look at myself mostly because I come to the gym with greasy hair, and no make up on, and i’m there to get sweaty and gross- But the woman are just as bad as the guys are. Their hair is perfectly done, their boobs are usually popping out of their tiny sports bras, fake tan dripping off of their bodies, talking on their cell phones louder than I can turn my Ipod up to drown them out. It’s rather annoying actually. But you’re right, the gym mirrors make people crazy.

  5. I am gonna go with kc on this one. You should use the mirror to watch your form. (Especially with pea-shooters like your Aaron!) I am also gonna go with chelsea though. There are some pretty ridiculous people who get dressed up for the gym. One word for that. Dumb. That’s why I go to Gold’s over on Flamingo and Pecos. It’s mostly drag queens so it’s not a stumbling block for me haha.

  6. Yeah people usually look in the mirror to make sure their form is correct. You should try it and stop being so critical. Or is naive the right word? Sure some people may do it for vanity, but that is not the purpose of those mirrors. Proper form/posture is critical when lifting heavy weights.

    • Wow. Hey Andrea, it’s been a while. Good to hear from you. Oh, and this was just a joke. I simply found it funny-that’s all. Not trying to be judgmental, and i’m certainly not naive to the fact that there is a proper way to work out so you don’t injure yourself. If that’s why you look in the mirror then more power to ya-i wasn’t talking about you =). We’re pretty laid back around here on the blog. I apologize if I offended you in any way. My intention was not that at all, but just to bring some humor to a situation that stood out to me. Hope you’re well. Take care.

  7. no, its pretty evident that people in vegas go to the gym and show off their jugs to get some action or else they wouldnt be half naked (guys or girls) I don’t mind, it keeps me entertained.

    Good for you tho Aaron for being committed and staying healthy.

    I’m not gunna lie though, I’ve caught myself staring in the mirror going “Damn girl, you lookin good…” The mirrors can be good because they keep you motivated, but if you’re a cow, you can be like “Yikes, You’re a fat cow…” anyways. We should write a book on gym etiquette. Theres always some smelly guy who makes me choke on his stench or weird asian lady who walks around the locker room naked with her junk hanging out…. it’s just not cute.

  8. When lifting weights, I face the mirror and watch every move – and without doing so, can’t get my form correct. My trainer helps when we’re away from the mirrors. And believe it when I say, I hate looking in that mirror (despite the motivation-to-get-healthy factor) because it’s a constant reminder of how I’ve mistreated the amazing machine (aka body) God gave me.

    What I find hilarious at the gym is the men and women who are constantly looking around after doing a set to see who’s watching them. Now THAT is vanity. :o)

    • Haha, good Dawn. I’m glad you’re not “one of THOSE people” then =) haha! You’re right, the ones who check to make sure others SAW how much they lifted crack me up too!

  9. nothing like talking about sweaty, indecently-dressed people to make me want to join a gym. Aaron, you’ll never be a spokesperson for Las Vegas Athletic Club with that attitude…

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