Texas. Baby. Daddy.

I just put my wife & mother in law on a plane to Texas. Yes, it’s ok to fly when you’re pregnant. I will head out tomorrow morning in the car with our dog, and enough stuff for a month or so of life in Texas. I wanted to post this to let you all know the “game plan” for the next bit of our lives…(If you know all of this feel free to skip down to the little “survey” at the bottom of the post…)

Our baby is officially due on June 28th, however, we’re praying for her to come a bit earlier. As many of you who have been pregnant or have children know, Morgan is beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable with this rather large baby growing inside of her. We have been reminded lately of how gracious our God is to provide us with such amazing friends & family who have supported us in everything along the way. From baby showers, to prayers for our marriage & pursuits of what God has called us to you have all been a reminder of the Grace of God in our lives.

I have been reflecting over our time in Vegas for the past few weeks. I can’t believe we’ve been here for a year and a half now. God has done incredible things here and all over the place. We have learned a lot, fallen down a lot, been humbled A LOT, and sanctified for His namesake. We have about 8 months left in Vegas, and will be packing up to move to Austin sometime in December of 2009. We will leave behind several thriving new communities of faith here in Vegas that will, by the grace of God, multiply into many more pockets of believers who will continue to proclaim the kingdom of God in Vegas.

We’re excited to return from Texas to Vegas with a new life in our arms. Up until now “how to handle children” in an “organic church setting” has been mere theory with a small amount of practical experience being involved with other communities with children. Our church here in Vegas is excited to pursue this experience with us…

While in Texas we will be spending time with our families, and old I.G. Community in Ft. Worth. It will be refreshing to say the least. I will be getting some things put into place structurally for “Intentional Gatherings” as an organization that will help to propel the vision and purpose forward. (Website, etc.) We will make a few runs down to Austin to prepare for Student CPx, which is coming up at the end of the summer. After the baby is born I will have a few places to go and teach on simple church planting. To say that things will be busy, fresh, and new may be an understatement!

I’m sure I am leaving some things out. I’ll bring this to a close for now. I hope this post answered some of your unanswered questions. I will be on the road for the next couple of days, but will do my best to update the blog. I have a few topics that I’m really anxious to write about. Hopefully, I will have a chance to do so once I arrive in Texas. For those of you who are quite a bit more interested in our new baby than anything else: don’t worry, I will be taking many pictures, posting many blogs/twitters, Facebook updates, etc. as the time comes.

To close: we’ve been playing a little guessing game around here. Would love for you to chime in…give your best guess for the following:

1) When do you think the baby will come based upon the June 28th due date? (early/late, & feel free to give a specific date as long as it is not a prophetic word claiming she will arrive AFTER June 28th!=)

2) Will she look more like her daddy, or mommy?

3) Will she come out with tattoos and/or piercings as many of you claim?

4) Will she have hair, and if so, what color will it be?

5) What color will her eyes be? (her mom has green eyes, and I have blue eyes)

6) Last but not least: Will she have me wrapped around her little finger…?

12 thoughts on “Texas. Baby. Daddy.

  1. 1. I hope she comes before the 20th (if not, later than the 28th would be preferable so that I will be here to see her!)
    2. I think she will look more like Morgan… but since she is quite big she might look a lot like Aaron did when he was a bowling ball. ha!
    3. She will have tattoos of Jesus and trees!
    4. Maybe she will have a little hair… but it will be brown?
    5. Who knows?
    6. YES. (this was the one I was sure about)

    Thought I’d make some other predictions:

    She will pull out at least one of your piercings (and it will hurt a lot).
    She’ll learn to use Chloe as a means of transportation some day. She will have awesome parents! …and a ridiculously awesome uncle!
    She might be a world champion jiu-jitsu player… idk?

  2. Alright, let me give this a shot.

    #1. Since Morgan is a first-time Mommy, she will probably be born late – statistically speaking. BUT, there ARE things you can do to help induce birth. I don’t want to go into detail here, but ask any doctor or google it.
    #2. She will probably look more like you at birth. If y’all have had a 3D sonogram of her, that is exactly what she will look like.
    #3. She’ll come out with a fresh canvas to be tattooed upon adulthood. If tattooes were passable through the womb, my arms and chest would be covered with unsuitable tattooes.
    #4. I think she’ll have hair because Morgan has bad heart burn. But, since this is an old wives tale, it’s highly debateable. It totally depends on the family tree – if a lot of relatives have been born with hair, be prepared for hair. I think her hair will be dark brown, almost black.
    #5. I think her eyes will be blue with bits of green, unless you both carry the recessive gene for brown eyes. Blue is a stronger gene than green.
    #6. Aaron, this is truly a rhetorical question. She will have you wrapped around her little finger and you’re going to melt like butter when she’s born. Maybe even a few tears. It’s such a highly emotional time, and a great way to bond with your wife like you never have before. Childbirth will really put your teamwork to the test.

    I know you’re anxious to meet your precious little girl. Here’s a few reads for y’all:




    I am so excited for y’all.

    http://www.diapers.com has great deals and so does costco.

    God has great plans for this precious baby’s life, greater plans than y’all could ever imagine or dream.

  3. Have safe travels…all of you!

    1) I am guessing an arrival date of the 26th, based on the fact that most 1st babies are late BUT Morgan thinks the date might be wrong to begin with!
    2) I think she will have Morgans facial features on a more like Aaron body.
    3) Nope on the tatoo’s except maybe a birth mark (which is really just a tatoo from Jesus!)
    4) Yes on the hair… Can you say heartburn anyone?!?
    5) green, the eyes come from the daddy’s side not the mommy’s
    6) She already does…. You are already a great daddy!

    Have a fabulous time having your baby and remember to hold her tight those first few nights, you will never get those back!

    • awwwww! Thanks Vicky! You guys have been so great to us over the past couple of years. It’s been so awesome to watch you two journey through your child-birth/parenting process. Now you get to watch us start ours! =) Can’t wait to see you when we get back. Oh, and we have a couple things of you guys’ that were left here at the shower…

  4. 1. She will be born on the 22 like Conrad was… 🙂 He was 10 days early, I’m praying she will be early too. It’s nice when they come early.
    2. I think she will have big beautiful eyes like Morgans and pouty lips.
    3. She might have a piercing to two.
    4. I think she’ll have hair.
    5. I’m betting on blue eyes.
    6. What are you talking about Aaron, she’s had you wrapped around her finger since she was the size of a blue berry… (8 weeks in the womb.)

    I can’t wait to hear how everything goes. We’ll be praying for you guys the whole way. You wont sleep for a few days, you’ll be so pumped. I loved the newness of our baby.

    Advice to Morgan: Aaron can’t break her. Let him do things on his own and try not to stand over his shoulders advising him on caring for Eliza. His fatherly instincts will kick in and he’ll be wonderful. There will be good days and bad days but take a deep breath and enjoy these times. When someone is around for you to take a shower, take as long as you possibly can and enjoy it.

    Advice to Aaron: TELL HER SHE’S A GOOD MOM EVERYDAY. When Dustin tells me how awesome I do with Conrad, I melt. When he says that I know exactly how to calm him down it makes me feel like I have so much purpose. She needs encouragement, it really makes a big difference. When I know my husband is proud of me, i feel like I can do this really difficult job of helping to raise our child.

    We love you guys.

  5. 1. June 25th because I had Braxton on a Thursday and so have a lot of my friends. That just seems to be a popular day. Although, I think it would be cool if Morgan went into labor on Monday when you guys were over here. Jessica and I could so deliver the baby!

    2. I think she will be a perfect mix of the two of you.

    3. She won’t be born with tattoos or piercings, but I think you should give her a henna tattoo and then take a family photo. 🙂

    4. I think she is going to have a lot of dark hair. I don’t know why, but that’s just how I picture her.

    5. She will have every male in her life wrapped around her finger, her father being the worse of them all.

    • Hahaha! You and Jessica could totally pull that off! We could totally do the henna tattoo and email pics to everyone tricking them into thinking we already got her her first tattoo! haha! Morgan would LOVE if your hair prediction were true =)

  6. 1) hopefully the 26th, shared birthdays are cool
    2) both
    3) hopefully not..
    4) yes, brown
    5) blue-green haha
    6) duh

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