More Laughs For Parent’s…

I promise this blog will not turn into a place to post funny videos about kids…primarily. However, I can’t help but share videos like this with everyone I know because they have truly become a source of great laughter around the Snow house. What makes this one so great is that the kid is British, and his accent makes the video all the more funny…

After a wonderful discussion with my wife this morning over bagel’s and coffee I have decided to write a second part to the “church, My Personal Lord & Savior” post. I started on it today, and will hopefully finish/post it soon. It will delve deeper into our tendency to always put things before Jesus…even good things like church. We replace the ONE true God who deserves all of our worship and dependency with idols. Those idols quickly become our drug, and we can NOT live without them. However, it seems tragically easy to live without Christ. We think those idols are what save us, and not Jesus Himself. Stay tuned…

Also, Morgan will hopefully be setting up a Snow Family Blog in the near future, which will be where you will find personal updates about our adventures in parenting, babies, travels, etc. I can’t promise, though, that I won’t take every opportunity to write about our new baby on this blog as well…


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