Plans a Changin’

IMG_0374Morgan and I are both “planners”. We spend countless hours dreaming up plans for the future while typically staying obedient and content in the present. We usually hold to those plans very loosely, welcoming change. However, this past week has been a different story…

We are 6 days past our original due date, and Morgan’s belly continues to grow. One friend of ours joked, “I think soon Eliza will be going to school inside Morgan!” Haha! We are not worried about Morgan or the baby, as we have come to learn that it is very normal for first time Moms to deliver late. The reality is that this does throw a “kink” in the original PLANS…

I am gonna go ahead and take most of the credit for being anxious by the fact that our plans were being changed involuntarily. You see, the original plan was to be gone a total of 6 weeks MAX (Wait for baby, & 3 weeks recovery for Morgan) before returning home to Las Vegas. We would be in Vegas for a few weeks to get settled in before heading to Austin in August to host Student CPx, and then return back to Vegas again. We have now been in Texas for 6 weeks; no baby has been born. The math pushes everything back 3 weeks, or more. It basically means that we will most likely be unable to go home before we have to be in Austin for Student CPx. When it’s all said and done that’s just under 3 months away from home. That nearly gave me a panic attack. We are paying rent on an empty house, unable to work while away from Vegas, away from the work God is doing there through I.G. in the different simple churches, and the list goes on and on…

My anxiety lasted about a day. While Morgan and I were in prayer and the Word a couple of mornings ago we experienced much peace as the Lord whispered gently into our ears. He gave us a “Big Picture” perspective, and encouraged us to be grateful for this unplanned extra time we get to spend with one another before the baby. As we were reading through Proverbs together the Lord began to reveal to us that we have placed our security in the plans we have made for this baby, and our ability to BE IN CONTROL of things. It feels good to be in control, ya knw? He stripped those plans right out of our hands. We are now forced to trust in Him, not in our control of the situation. There are many things to worry about, but we are being forced (less resistant now=) to rest in the arms of our Father in Heaven. We appreciate your prayers and support, and cannot wait to share baby news & pictures with you.

Please be in prayer that labor and delivery go smoothly. Also, that the Lord would take care of all the details due to this unexpected change of plans in regards to finances, work, bills, I.G., Student CPx, etc. Thanks.

11 thoughts on “Plans a Changin’

  1. I’m confident God will provide for you folks, Aarron. God has so many times before for you, for me and for our ancestors (spiritual and otherwise.) I’ll take a moment to pray.

  2. Our deepest and most sincere prayers are for you guys for an easy and smooth delivery of baby. In Turkey we say “it’s better be late than being difficult”
    Lots of loves
    James & Nesli

  3. I know that it is really hard to wait – I was 38 weeks along and begging to be induced.

    Everything happens in God’s perfect timing, something we will never fully understand or grasp. Patience is something worth waiting for, the reward is great.

    Little Eliza will be born before you know it and within a few weeks, you won’t be able to imagine life without her.

    I agree, the two of you should fully enjoy the time you have left together as a couple, because alone time is really hard to come by when you become parents. I wouldn’t change having Micah for anything in the world, but I do miss that one-on-one time that I had with DJ.

    Having a baby is a big life change and having your plans “interrupted” by Eliza not arriving when planned is just a glimpse into your near future because you will have to put several plans on hold to work around Eliza – things will work around her schedule.

    I know that the two of you will make wonderful parents, Eliza will be beautiful and I am praying that the labor go smoothly.

  4. Hey Aaron and Morgan,
    Just wanted to let you know that you both are in our prayers! Man, you both are a challenge to my faith (in a good way 🙂 ). I know that we are far away here in Missouri, but if there’s anything we can do to help, let us know!

  5. Oh how your anxiety the normal response of every walking human….but i am going to remind you that you are both no longer “normal humans”….but have been bought by Jesus Christ your Lord…who paid all your debts of sin and will pay any demanding debts of basic life needs ahead. Your GOD WILL provide.

    When you find your anxious thoughts multiplying within, let the consolations (the comfort you feel when consoled in times of disappointment) of God delight your soul….bc now you can see and hear and taste and know your God.

    Look up and see the constellations of the sky. May it silence you to peace and the God of all grace pour out faith to rest your mind in trust.

    You are loved. You will not be forgotten or forsaken. You ARE LOVED. You ARE LOVED.

    Trust your God. And we are trusting Him for you and praying. We love you both so much and baby eliza! Can not wait to hear of her arrival!!

    praying for you much.

    Kimberly and Stew

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