Eliza Sage Snow

IMG_9081The birth of our daughter was a powerful event to say the least. Many tears, thoughts, and prayers were involved in the birth of this little girl. We have watched the video of the birth several times over now; it is extremely powerful, and I wish I could show it to the world. (However, my wife might not appreciate that too much =) I am still processing my experience with the 12 long hours of labor followed by me catching my baby when she came out. I then gently placed her on her mother’s chest as she took her first gasp of air, and began crying. Morgan and I both exploded with tears of joy. I will be journaling the events of the entire evening over the next few days, but wanted to share this brief update with you now…

Eliza was born on July 12th, 2009 at 7:46 in the morning at Gentle Beginnings Birth Center in Hurst, Texas. She weighed 10 lbs. 3 oz. and was 20 inches long. Morgan delivered her naturally; both baby and mommy are doing very well. We owe that to our Lord Jesus who heard our desperate prayers throughout evening, and to our close friend, Ann Crowell, who delivered Eliza. Ann’s birth assistant, Cindy Haggerton, who is also our friend and chiropractor, also played a huge role during the evening.

We had the pleasure of having one of our best friends, Keri Duckett, shoot photos the entire evening. Keri is an extremely talented photographer. You can check out a blog she wrote about Eliza with more pics, as well as some of her other photography HERE. She is available to do maternity photos, births, engagements, weddings, etc. and can be contacted at: keriduckett@gmail.com. Keri put together this wonderful slide show of the birth for us…

Thank you all for your prayers and support throughout this entire process. You have been wonderful. From Target gift cards, and baby gifts, to pregnancy/parenting advice you have all blessed us tremendously. Thank you from the Snow’s; all THREE of us.


23 thoughts on “Eliza Sage Snow

  1. Man praise God!!! It is great to see that child you guys were holding. It is such a blessing to see you guys hold life in your hands…..

    • Hey Guys! Ryan and I are so Happy for you guys! I didn’t realize you were doing natural birth also! We’ll continue to be praying for all 3 of you! Hopefully our babies will get to play together soon-ish. πŸ™‚

  2. Just wanted to say how beautiful those pictures were. I can only imagine how the video would be to watch. Looks like Mogan did great and you Aaron were there to give her great support. Thank you for sharing these precious moments of your life with us. It brings me back to when I had my little one and the memories that I will always cherish. Can’t wait to read more from you guys. CONGRATS!!!!!!


  3. WOW, What an awsome God we have, and you 2 should be so HAPPY !!!! A great job on the video and what a job by Morgan. God bless you both. Brian

  4. Congratulations Aaron & Morgan! What a beautiful story and video! So powerful and so amazing to see how God works! I’m excited to hear your chiropractor was there as well! That is just awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us! We’re so happy for you and your family. Enjoy the journey! ~Mindi

  5. CONGRATS!!! Loved the slideshow! She is so precious and we are so excited for all 3 of you!!!

    Love your old roomie(s),
    Emily & Jeremy

  6. What an amazing reminder of the grace of God in giving you your little girl! Beautiful! Plus can we discuss how in the world your wife managed to look absolutely gorgeous through it all?!?

    We are very excited for you guys to get back here so we can meet this sweet bundle of joy. Blessings…

  7. Hey Aaron and Morgan,
    Congrats on the cute baby girl that is such a blessing

    Congrats on the AWESOME parents πŸ™‚

    Best wishes for all of you πŸ™‚


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