Attention “Austinites”!

We just realized that many of you weren’t registering for Student CPx because you didn’t want to pay the full $250 to stay in someone else’s house when you have your own place right down the road. Duh. So, we decided to extend registration, and offer Austin locals who stay at their own place a discounted price of $150 for the ENTIRE 10 day training! On top of that you can receive an additional $50 off if you open your home up to house 2-5 CPx students for a total of $100. GO REGISTER NOW!

That’s $100 for a 10 day experience of a lifetime that will empower, and equip you for a lifetime of kingdom impact. Not to mention there will be some incredibly special people there spending time with us who have been such a blessing to this movement.

***Neil Cole, Brian Orme, Tony & Felicity Dale, Jack Allen, Michael Stewart, Jackie Markovich, Sam Lee, Erik Fish, Lauren Nanson, Dawn Delaney & MORE!***


2 thoughts on “Attention “Austinites”!

  1. wow.. this is kinda crazy… i’m wondering what god’s up to. i just got a message from a friend who’s in kansas city right now, at the conference. he started a movement here at Arizona State University and sent everyone a message (which i’m not technically a part of but he sent the msg to me anyway…) to challenge us to come out to austin.. and i had just seen your eliza slideshow and your poster for CPX.. after i read the message i went to the website and saw you on the ‘what is simple church’ video and realized, you’re one of the front runners.. then decided to check your blog again and see if youre going.. obviously you are.. you probably don’t remember me but i came to IG a couple times and have kept in touch with jackie etc etc.

    sorry for the ramble but it felt like a crazy sequence of events.. i’m definitely going to talk to jesus to see if i’m supposed to hit up austin soon.. hmmm


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