Child Sex Trafficking…

It breaks my heart that such a thing even exists on this earth…

If you are in Vegas then GO REGISTER for the “Stop Child Trafficking Now” Walk on Saturday, September 26th! The information is posted below. A close friend of ours who is a part of our Simple Church is heading up this initiative in Las Vegas. There are many ways you can be involved.


Click Here to join the group of FaceBook. Click Here to RSVP to the EVENT on FaceBook.

Please read below, and add any thoughts/comments…

Many of us are broken over these issues, but feel very helpless when it comes to doing anything about it. It seems so far away, and too difficult a problem to solve. Let me crush that mentality by first saying that it is NOT far away. Human trafficking is taking place all over OUR Country-yes, the UNITED STATES, on a daily basis. This is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Second, it is NOT too difficult a problem to solve-especially if you claim Christ as King. Each of us carries the keys to the kingdom of God if His Holy Spirit dwells inside of you. Our role as kingdom ambassadors is to USHER in the “kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven”. We do that by walking in confidence in the authority Christ has given us-things that do not match up with His Kingdom do not belong on this earth. Our job is to BRING that authority to the broken places of this earth that don’t align with the Kigdom-in Jesus’ name.

We MUST, as the Church of Jesus Christ, stand up against this injustice. There are many organizations you can partner with to make a difference. One of those is the above organization called “Stop Child Trafficking Now”. They host benefit “walks” in cities all over the country to raise awareness and funds to fight against this injustice. They work with governments and hire trained professionals to go into these brothels and rescue children out of sex slavery. You CAN play a part in ending child trafficking on this earth…

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