Closing Thoughts & My Mosque Trip…

{Sorry it’s taken me so long to pick back up with this last part of the “Removing Ignorance” posts regarding Muslims. I hope they have been enlightening thus far, and I hope this post is equally as challenging…it challenged me as I wrote…}

Do we as Christians avoid those of other faiths because we are afraid of them? Are we too insecure in our own faith to engage in dialogue with them? It seems that we are afraid that we might find out we are wrong or something. So, we simply choose to stay away from people who are different from us; they “threaten us”, right? I know that many people reading this feel uncomfortable at the mere thought of sitting at a table with a Muslim, listening to what they think/believe about Allah.

Do we not believe that the Gospel is also for Muslims? Can Christ’s blood cover over their sins as well? (If we’re “measuring” things here you’d probably find they have “less sin” than we do…chew on that) Is grace for “them”? If so, then how are we living our lives in such a way to prove that? How many Muslim friends, or friends of another faith do you have? Be they Mormon, Hindu, Muslim, etc. The truth is that most of us are uncomfortable being around those who are different from us. Whether it be moms who choose not to be around other moms who “mother” differently, or guys who are into sports not wanting to be around “nerds” who enjoy building computers, we all seem to migrate towards those who are just like us.

As Christians in America we have chosen our primary method of “reaching the lost” being a weekly church service that we can invite these “other people” to. Guys, when was the last time you know of a Muslim visiting your church? I don’t care what kind of church it is; you can probably not recall such a time. How will the Great Commission be fulfilled, and the nations reached if we expect the nations to come into our churches when it is obvious they will not do so?

Again, I think it’s time we each got out of our bubbles, and made friends with some people who are different from us…

Before my trip to DC a few weeks ago I visited a Mosque here in Vegas, and met some friendly Muslim men from Morocco. It was an interesting experience. They were THRILLED that I was there inquiring about Islam. They even gave me an evangelistic track about Islam. Seriously! It was as if I was the first non-Muslim to ever step foot on their property. They were excited, and desired for me to know about their faith in Allah through the Prophet Muhammad. (It was just as shocking for ME to go the THEIR “church” as it would be for THEM to come to MY “church”) They invited me, and my family back for one of the prayer times later that week. We haven’t gone yet, but probably will very soon.


So much of the experience reminded me of how we do things as Christians…the Mosque was a HUGE and beautifully crafted peace of architecture. People gather to this “sacred” place to worship and pray. (Muslims do seem to get a little better use out of their buildings than us Christians, though. They use it several times/day every day of the week) I was greeted by Muslim men who handed me tracks, and shared how “happy” Islam would make me. I was invited back to a service later in the week. They both seemed uncomfortable sharing what exactly it was that would “make me happy”, & decided it would be easier to hand me the literature & invite me to a service instead. I could go on and on…

Guys, think about it. How often have you visited a mosque, temple, synagogue, etc. if ever? Then what in the name of Jesus makes us think people of other faiths will visit our churches? We must take the Gospel to the world.

I encourage you all to make it a priority to pursue a relationship with someone who is very different from you. You will probably be uncomfortable, but will learn a lot. Watch as the Gospel of Jesus infiltrates that relationship (as you allow it to). You may get to see a life transformed…


Brian Orme Part 2

Brian brings fresh teaching to the students at SCPx in Vegas in 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

SCPx Story & The Great Commission…

I had the pleasure of kicking off Student CPx: Concentrate in Vegas with a bit of the history of how SCPx was birthed, and the desire to see students equipped to live out the Great Commission on their campuses & in their neighborhoods…

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To see a bit more of what took place at SCPx: Concentrate in Vegas Click Here to watch some student Baptisms that took place & Click Here to hear from some students about what it means to make disciples/start new faith communities in their context.


Neighborhood Yard Sale…!?

I know what you’re thinking…”that’s way too much work, exhausting, & I never make any money.” However, after this past weekend we weren’t really concerned with making money (Although we did raise lots of money for “Stop Child Trafficking Now“!), or having to put work into it. We learned that putting together a neighborhood yard sale might just be one of the BEST ways to meet neighbors, start new relationships, & build a sense of community within your neighborhood. Yes, it was a lot of work. Yes, most people didn’t make much money. But, we all met tons of new people, and are hoping that some wonderful relationships will be the result…


The Simple/Organic Church we started here in the neighborhood came together to organize and host the yard sale. Our goal was to get people out of their houses to meet one another, get the word out about the neighborhood potluck dinner in the club house every month, and raise money/awareness for “Stop Child Trafficking Now”. All of the above were accomplished with great success!



We bought hot dogs, chips, and drinks for lunch. It was fee, but we asked for donations for “SCTNow”. Some little kids in the hood set up a lemonade stand. It was a wonderful time. My neighbor John “manned” the grill for us, and served his butt off voluntarily the entire weekend. Others learned about the child trafficking that occurs in our city, and will be joining us on Halloween to hand out little toys with “SCTNow” facts attached to them.

If you don’t know your neighbors, and the thought of taking fresh baked cookies to their front door scares the hell out of you…then organize a community wide yard sale! Watch what happens…

Brian Orme Video: Spiritual Warfare…

I will continue part 3 of the “Removing Ignorance” and “Removing [More] Ignorance” posts next week. However, for now I will be posting some video teachings from Student CPx: Concentrate in Las Vegas back in January of 2009. They are in no particular order, but I feel you will find them to be a blessing to you wherever you’re at. We’ll have teachings from Brian Orme, Erik Fish, Pam Arlund, Neil Cole, and maybe one from…me? =) This particular teaching is by my friend Brian Orme who joined us in Vegas, as well as Austin Student CPx this past August. Enjoy…

Student CPx: Concentrate – Las Vegas, NV 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Adventures in Pittsburgh…

We just arrived back from a 4 day planning trip in Pittsburgh, PA. 9 adults and 13 kids piled into one house for the weekend as we brainstormed, dreamed, and made plans for Student CPx stuff in 2010…

IMG_2329(Snow family, Fish family, McKoy family, Chang family, Pam Arlund)

Most of you know about the Student CPx training experiences we host along with several other partnering organizations. Five families make up the SCPx National Elder Team. We host the training experiences in various cities all over the world, with an upcoming SCPx in Costa Rica & our Student Church National Gathering in St. Louis in January. Intentional Gatherings is so blessed to a part of such an incredible team of like-minded brothers & sisters.

We had an incredible time of relationship building & planning for 2010. We have some exciting things in the works for this next year. We made plans for SCPx Training in several cities including Austin. We also developed a plan to visit 12 cities from Jan. 2010 – March 2010 for what we’re calling “iSCPx” (Intro to StudentCPx) where we will meet with students who have heard about the experience, & are interested in learning more about it. The weekend was incredibly productive & fruitful. Not to mention we got to spend some sweet time with some wonderful families who we don’t get to see very often…

IMG_2304View of the lake from the back porch of the house we stayed in. The leaves were changing & it was delicious.

IMG_2300(Olivia Fish, Eliza Snow, Hudson Fish, Graham Fish – SO Cute)

IMG_2316(The kitchen where food was prepped for 5 families-thanks Michelle & Jen!)

IMG_2321(Tried to get a shot of all the kids…apparently Hudson wasn’t in the mood for a photo shoot!=)

IMG_2326(Our little chunky monkey who’s 3 months old and pushin’ 20 pounds!)

We had a blast, and got a lot done. I can’t wait to reveal more details about the upcoming National Gathering, “iSCPx” 12 city plan, and the full length SCPx training experiences that will be hosted in 2010! Stay tuned…

Removing [More] Ignorance…

“Ignorance often breeds unnecessary fear and violence.” (p.74 Chandler, Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslim Road)

I hope the thesis of my last post was that we, as Western Christians, need to get out of our comfort zones/”Christian Bubbles” in order to engage people who are different from us. Specifically, how can we go out of our way to encounter Muslims, and allow the Spirit of our Savior, Jesus, to show Himself? First, we must burn away the false pretenses we have in our minds about those who are different from us; during this conversation we will focus on Muslim, but you can apply these principles to any situation where differences exist…

In response people who say, “I hate Islam”, Mazhar asks, “What Islam do you hate? There are so many expressions of it…I cannot afford to hate Islam, or anything. For me, hate connects with fear, desire for revenge and unforgiveness.” (p.74, Pilgrims)

I doubt any of you who read this blog would really say you “hate” Muslims. However, our actions, whether conscious or not may speak hatred louder than we may think.

“Christians are in danger of repeating harmful periods of history when the West has gone to war on the Muslim East to conquer, physically or spiritually, in the name of God. Muslims rarely hear “Good News” from Christians; instead they feel targeted as enemies of a new war.” (p.74, Pilgrims)

The book I am currently reading right now is called “Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslim Road“, by Paul-Gordon Chandler. It’s a wonderful book, and is helping me to remove quite a bit of the ignorance in my life regarding Islam. It is currently touching on some major issues that we do not have time to go into (Mainly, how our Western view & practice of “missions” & “missionaries” MUST change, and will soon, if not already be ineffective in the world.)

The book has also touched quite a bit on war…

“In the war in Iraq, both Western Christians and Arab Muslims prayed for God to give their respective side victory-seeing it as a moral or holy war.” (p.73, Pilgrims)

Ouch. Think about that for minute. Are we so arrogant to think that God “sides” with OUR country as opposed to an Eastern Country? If I’m not mistaken, Jesus Christ Himself was born and raised in the East. Not to mention the Christian Church was birthed THERE, and spread from THERE to HERE. Who do we think we are, really? I’m not sure God “sides” with any particular country, or region of the world at all…I think He might want all to know Him and the power of His resurrection, but I could be wrong…

“The most beautiful part of the Gospel…the cross…became a weapon used against us in crusader’s hands (Crusader in Arabic means “cross-bearer”). The cross, where God had embraced humanity, had become a sword.” (p.74, Pilgrims)

I hope this causes us all to stop and think about how our country approaches war, and engages in battle with others for the “freedom” of our “Christian Nation”. Put yourself in the shoes of the countries we’re waging war war against and think for a moment what they must perceive about us…the thoughts that come to my mind are far from a gracious, loving, Savior God whom I’ve found in Jesus.

“The Christian West is often seen by Muslims as generally immoral and supportive of a regime which they perceive as having for decades humiliated both Muslim & Christian Palestinian people.” (p.73, Pilgrims)

We’ll stop here for today, but will continue later this week with a short story of my visit to a local Mosque here in Las Vegas…I hope you will all begin to open yourselves up to beginning a relationship with someone who is different from you-Jesus did it….A LOT. We do it…A LITTLE, if at all.

Student Church National Gathering…


Most of you know about the Student CPx Training Experiences that we, along with a couple other like-minded organizations, host in different parts of the world several times/year.

From the first Student CPx training we could sense God building some sort of “Spiritual Family” among students all over the country who are reaching unbelievers, and starting new faith communities in their context. We believe He is still doing so to this day.

The purpose of this gathering is to give people a chance to re-connect, share stories, & build family. In January 2010 the Student CPx National Leadership team will be hosting a Student Church Gathering. Here’s the details:

WHO SHOULD COME? Anyone who has been involved in your student church this semester at any level.  It will also benefit newcomers to your church.

WHY SHOULD YOU COME? To be refreshed in the Lord, reconnect with your
brothers and sisters and be encouraged to dream big.

WHEN? Jan 1-4, 2010

WHERE? St. Louis, MO

The application deadline is December 1, 2009. A $75 deposit is due to
complete your registration. The total cost for the conference is $175
(includes breakfast, lodging and conference fee). If you register after
December 1, 2009, it will be your responsibility to find your own housing.
Your conference fee will be $75.

Click Here to register.

If you have any questions please contact Mike or Michelle Chang at