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  1. yeah…. there seems to be a rather fine line in the whole matter of “partnering” with other faiths for common objectives like global peace, or fighting hunger, and stuff like that. I still don’t know where that line is exactly, probably never will. But what I do know is that more and more people calling themselves “Christians” today have completely crossed over that line, where ‘social justice’ becomes the only acceptable goal, and preaching the gospel (of Salvation through faith in Christ) is essentially scorned in some under-handed way. I do hear you though, we have to be willing to learn and be educated about what other people actually believe, if we’re going to be able to sit down and talk to them, and build real relationships with them. But yeah, I have to admit, I get nervous around any sort of “interfaith” shindig, cuz I’ve just seen so many of them that essentially force Christians to jetison the Gospel in the name of “peace”…

    • Ya, it really is a fine line. We MUST be Spirit led and cautious if we enter into these types of pursuits. It seems to be a catch 22 – you gotta do it to reach a people effectively, but you must be so careful the goal stays focused on Gospel transformation…

  2. Truth: “True Muslims aren’t terrorists”.
    Our typical prtrait of a terrorist group is young, able bodied men, running in the dessert with guns over nets, under obsticles, fighting for the cause of a man they don’t know. Some of these men are of Muslim faith-and are considered terrorists because we don’t like who their killing, or the fact that they are killing anyone for that matter
    Question: How do Christians doing the same thing escape being called terrorists?

    • Amen Mae. Muslims and Christians have engaged in war against one another in the name of “God”…the problem is that BOTH faiths fundamentally believe AGAINST violence. I would submit that the so-called Christians AND Muslims who engage in war against one another have a VERY perverted view of the Gospel of the Kingdom…I don’t think either party is an accurate view of followers of Muhammad OR Jesus. We must start speaking out against this stuff lest our children be raised with the same ignorance.

      • Agreed, but in doing that we have to stop excusing our fathers for going there. We have to stop excusing our brothers for killing someone “for the sake of our country”. We have to stop excusing our mothers for making orphans out of other mothers children.
        Our country’s love affair with war as of late has tainted our understanding of “defend your household” to “lock all your doors and tell the men of each household to scower the neighborhood for anyone who may look like they may break in, and kill them.”
        One of the biggest problems we are going to have earning Jesus the love He deserves [not to mention all that He literally was dying to give] from anyone in the Middle East is breaking down the wall of shame we have allowed “Christians” in this nation to build, brick by pitiful brick.
        We have allowed a country that proclaims itself prodominately Christian to become overtly violent, leaving those looking in to say “Why would I want to follow suit with a people who serve a Father who teaches such violence and hate?” [As if we haven’t heard enough of that from the inside!]
        Funny thing is, Muslims have let the same tragedy happen to Muhammed.

        So in keeping up with overcoming this war, and past wars, pastors and desciples alike are going to have to stop saying “well God Bless him/her for being there” and start presenting the Gospel.

        Christianity is radical, passionate, exciting, but not violent. It’ll be interesting to see how people manage to overcome this with the right heart attitude.

        Forgive me for rambling

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