Adventures in Pittsburgh…

We just arrived back from a 4 day planning trip in Pittsburgh, PA. 9 adults and 13 kids piled into one house for the weekend as we brainstormed, dreamed, and made plans for Student CPx stuff in 2010…

IMG_2329(Snow family, Fish family, McKoy family, Chang family, Pam Arlund)

Most of you know about the Student CPx training experiences we host along with several other partnering organizations. Five families make up the SCPx National Elder Team. We host the training experiences in various cities all over the world, with an upcoming SCPx in Costa Rica & our Student Church National Gathering in St. Louis in January. Intentional Gatherings is so blessed to a part of such an incredible team of like-minded brothers & sisters.

We had an incredible time of relationship building & planning for 2010. We have some exciting things in the works for this next year. We made plans for SCPx Training in several cities including Austin. We also developed a plan to visit 12 cities from Jan. 2010 – March 2010 for what we’re calling “iSCPx” (Intro to StudentCPx) where we will meet with students who have heard about the experience, & are interested in learning more about it. The weekend was incredibly productive & fruitful. Not to mention we got to spend some sweet time with some wonderful families who we don’t get to see very often…

IMG_2304View of the lake from the back porch of the house we stayed in. The leaves were changing & it was delicious.

IMG_2300(Olivia Fish, Eliza Snow, Hudson Fish, Graham Fish – SO Cute)

IMG_2316(The kitchen where food was prepped for 5 families-thanks Michelle & Jen!)

IMG_2321(Tried to get a shot of all the kids…apparently Hudson wasn’t in the mood for a photo shoot!=)

IMG_2326(Our little chunky monkey who’s 3 months old and pushin’ 20 pounds!)

We had a blast, and got a lot done. I can’t wait to reveal more details about the upcoming National Gathering, “iSCPx” 12 city plan, and the full length SCPx training experiences that will be hosted in 2010! Stay tuned…


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