“On Becoming Homeless…”

A couple friends of mine, who’s names I will not mention until a later date, are writing a book together. One of them asked me to do a short write-up about our (Intentional Gatherings) time with the homeless on the streets of Ft. Worth for them to publish in the book. It was so reminiscent to think back two years ago and write out our story. Hope you enjoy…

On Becoming Homeless…

For a group of white, middle-class, suburban kids the journey we were about to embark on would prove to be quite shaping. We had been exploring what life as a follower of Christ should look like based upon what we found in scripture. It was not long after that we “broke it off” with our beloved pew, and said “goodbye” to the church as a building. While we stayed closely connected to the Body of Christ as a people we refused to allow that to hinder us from intentionally spending more time with non-Jesus followers than we did followers. From Starbucks and other “third spaces” to our neighborhoods, schools, and jobs we began exploring a life on mission outside the context of the bubble we had so unknowingly been seduced into previously.

As we devoured the scriptures communally it was not long before we noticed a theme throughout Jesus’ ministry of service to the poor and needy; not to mention His commands to us, as His Body, to take care of them. At this time in our lives ministry to the homeless was not the “hip-&-cool fad” it has become today. As we began seeking ways to live out these Gospel principles found in scripture we learned about what we would soon label the “modern-day leper colony”. About 20 minutes from our comfortable suburban homes, tucked quietly under the intersection of several major highways near the downtown area, we found what would soon become a place our souls longed to be. The majority of Ft. Worth’s homeless population called this area just off East Lancaster Boulevard “home”. For the most part they went unnoticed, and were ignored by society. Those who knew they existed steered clear of the area, or pointed down from the overpass as they attempted to teach their kids a lesson about “responsibility”.

We began taking regular trips to the streets in pursuit of being obedient to what we felt God was instructing us to do. We became students of those who had “worked” there for many years, as well as the homeless individuals we sought to “serve”. We learned very quickly how ignorant we were to the real needs of these people based upon the real reasons they were there in the first place. It did not take long to realize the abundance of tangible resources available to the homeless on East Lancaster. From churches to various non-profit, and government organizations the basic needs of the people on the street were met with excess. They did not need our Wendy’s dollar menu burgers, or our hand-me-down fashion from the closet.

A man named Michael Hatcher became our close friend and mentor. Michael had been “ministering” among these people for years, and taught us everything we know about working among the homeless in Ft. Worth. He and his family had moved into the “hood” several years before, and were dedicated to seeing lives transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus. Michael was known on the streets as “The Rev”. He was someone the people trusted, respected, and would give their lives for. Michael walked the streets during the week ministering to these people. He helped them get their ID’s, jobs, bus passes, but most importantly he gave them himself as a friend. We naturally followed in the footsteps of our mentor. We made a commitment early on: while countless others brought material goods to hand out to the people of the streets we vowed only to bring ourselves; a “hand-up” not a “hand-out” if you will. While others handed out food and clothes we sat on the curb to listen. Conversations led to prayer, topped with hugs, and a side of comfort knowing they had made a new friend. You must understand that many of these people had not engaged in conversation with another human being in years.

Things were going well, and we were seeing fruit from our labor. However, there was still something missing. While we had close relationships with our new friends on the street they knew we came from our comfy suburban homes, and would return there after our short time with them on the streets. We could not truly relate to them. Around that time several twenty-something’s from our newly formed “organic” church community felt a strange pull to move in, and “set up shop” among our new friends from the streets. We all began praying that God would provide a house for communal living among the poor…

By the grace of God our little crew of 15 broke college-aged kids began to make quite the impact on East Lancaster. We had organized the annual “Art-n-the Park” celebration, birthed the “Unity in the Community Network” of organizations who served among the homeless in Ft. Worth, and had the attention of many in the city. We still felt we had so much to learn. After all, we were in this for our new friends on the streets, and God’s ultimate glorification, not our own narcissism. Michael Hatcher decided that we needed to know what “life on the streets” was really like. He and his wife put together “Ghetto 101”, and about 10 of us agreed to a weekend we would never forget; a weekend our parents would not be happy to hear about…

We knew that we had to “be in their shoes” to really know how to best serve them. We had no idea what it meant to sleep on cold cement without a wallet full of plastic, or a cell phone to call mommy and daddy when things got rough. Our weekend began with turning in everything we had come with, a cold shower in the Day Resource Center, and a hopeless search through a box of clothes that would be our only possessions for the next two days. For those two days we were on our own in this place we had deemed the “leper colony”. Luckily, we had made many friends who “showed us the ropes” and “had our backs” if things got weird. We ate what they ate, walked where they walked, begged where they begged, slept where they slept, collected cans for money, and endured life disconnected from the rest of the world. The weekend was incredible. We learned a lot, gained the respect of our homeless friends (Who now saw that we were “for real”), and scared the mess out of our parents.

After eight months of praying God decided it was time. We found two duplex’s on the same property. Two of the four units were for rent, and they were cheap. By this point our organization, Intentional Gatherings, had gained its non-profit status, and donations were coming in from people who believed in the vision of the “I.G. House”. We moved two guys into one unit and four girls into the other. It was then that we truly began to learn the in’s and out’s of homelessness, and how to attack the problem at the root. We were in a neighborhood about a mile from the “leper colony”, which was full of the “working poor”. (Those who are not-yet-homeless, but hanging on by a thread) The primary focus shifted from the already homeless to the almost homeless; the work among the already homeless continued, and the relationships that had been made were fostered. The “I.G. House” crew grew close as they lived in tight-knit Gospel centered community, and sought to make a difference in the neighborhood in which they resided. As the crew grew they eventually took over three of the four units on the property. From weekend kickball tournaments to front porch after-school tutoring & Saturday morning breakfast in the yard this group of immigrants was serving Jesus in a way previously foreign to us all.

We had finally learned that in order to make a true impact among a people we had to “incarnate” ourselves among them. We had to put ourselves in their shoes, eat what they ate, sleep where they slept, and live life in their context. It was then that we truly gained a door into their lives. We refused to simply come from the outside bringing in the “answer” to life. We brought our lives to the inside of their lives, shared life, and discovered what the “answer” was with them. Thank you Jesus for “incarnating” yourself among us, sharing in our lives, and teaching us of yourself, the answer.

Intentional Gatherings Website

I thought I’d take a second to shamelessly plug our organization on the ol’ blog today. Many of you know what we do, so I won’t go into too much detail. Instead, I want to direct you to our website. There you will find TONS of great info. From what Intentional Gatherings is all about, to wonderful resources on how to make disciples & start your own faith community the site has become a blessing to many. We even have the ability to process tax-deductible donations online now! So, if you believe in what we do as an organization, and would like to make a tax-deductible donation head over and show us some love. =)

As you navigate around the site I encourage you to check out the various videos from our Student CPx’s, video teachings, outreach projects, Baptisms, and so much more. There is also a file sharing box where you can download various articles, workbooks, and other resources for simple church planting.

It’s been a wonderful journey over the past three years watching this organization grow and morph into what it is today. We can only hope and pray that it continues to change as we learn, and are sharpened by the Holy Spirit. I want to thank you all for  your love and support as we have ventured out into a story that only God Himself could have written…

It was around this time three years ago that the first group of us (Shout out to the Duckett’s) got together to start dreaming about what life as a follower of Christ could look like. It was then that I.G. was “accidentally born”. Here’s to another three years!

Two Of Our Best Friends – Part 2

Jeremiah & Keri Duckett are two of our best friends in the world. They were a part of the original I.G. crew in Ft. Worth when the first church was started, and we have done quite a bit of life with these two…Back in January we hosted Student CPx: Concentrate in Las Vegas. Jeremiah & Keri led us in some powerful times of worship. I encourage you to take some time, worship, and reflect on the person of Jesus. Enjoy…

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Erik Fish: Traveling Teams

Erik shares his passion to release teams of traveling apostolic workers to campuses across America. Their purpose is to make disciples and plant student churches. Student CPx: Concentrate – Las Vegas 2009

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Two Of Our Best Friends – Part 1

Jeremiah & Keri Duckett are two of our best friends in the world. They were a part of the original I.G. crew in Ft. Worth when the first church was started, and we have done quite a bit of life with these two. Among just a couple of those things are becoming best friends, falling in love, and marrying our spouses. We grew deeply with them in the context of Biblical Community, and were on mission together with our lives. Back in January we hosted Student CPx: Concentrate in Las Vegas. We had some of the I.G. Ft. Worth crew come out to join us. Jeremiah & Keri led us in some powerful times of worship. I encourage you to take some time, get out your journal, Bible, reflect, & watch this video. Enjoy…

(We love you Duckett’s!)

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Student CPx: Austin Baptisms…

This is the Baptism video from Student CPx: Austin. Two students got Baptized by two other students in the creek on UT’s campus. It was pretty powerful. Both students share a testimony. It was really dark outside, and the camera was on slow shudder speed. So, it’s a bit blurry, but still worth the watch. Celebrate with us what God is doing through young people all over the country as they make disciples and start lay-led churches!

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For Your Entertainment…

While in Texas last week we caught this little ditty on video. My oldest brother challenged my youngest brother to a “wrestling” (“Grappling” in Jui-Jitsu terms) match. Mind you, my youngest brother is a Jui-Jitsu instructor. My oldest brother is…NOT. However, oldest siblings always seem to think they could always “take” their younger siblings…NOT the case here. It was hilarious. We walked over to the “Snow Jui-Jitsu Academy of Keller” where the fun began…

More LEGIT Student-led stuff…

What: UCLA Greenhouse Story 1 – Student Edition
When: November 20-22
Where: UCLA in Kinsey Room 1220B
Cost: $35

REGISTER AT: http://cmaresources.org/greenhouse/ucla

FREE Housing for out-of-towners: If you need some, contact Myles Hamby: myleshamby@gmail.com

From Myles Hamby, UCLA Passion Church Student who attended Student CPx: Concentrate in Las Vegas in Jan. 09′:

“Greenhouse Conferences have been happening all around the world for the last 10 years and have been challenging Christians to ask the QUESTIONS: What is a church, anyway? How can we do church is a way that more effectively reaches the lost and fosters better community amongst family? It challenges people’s traditional paradigms about what church is.

The conference also equips believers with practical, biblical techniques for planting organic churches and reaching the lost. The key to these techniques is their reproducibility. These principles can be used in ANY cultural context in ANY place in the world.

My heart was to see a “Greenhouse Conference – Student Edition” at UCLA. Neil Cole’s teachings have changed my life and fundamentally changed the way I reach out to people. I’ve seen these principles be VERY effective in his life and in my life too. So I wanted to host a Greenhouse at UCLA to equip Christians at UCLA and other college campuses with these practical evangelism techniques and to get them thinking differently about the way we do church.”

If you live in the SoCal region you don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity.

Cabbage Patch Doll…

Morgan was hanging out with our friend Chelsea a couple weeks back, and they were dressing the kids up. Hilarious. Someone made a comment about Cabbage Patch Kids, and we came across some pictures of CP dolls….It’s gotta be the cheeks…!




64906-1290-MMinus the crazy red hair, of course….but look at the FACE!


Oh the joys of having a little girl…and rad friends who do crazy stuff. I love it. Thanks Robbin’s!

Neil Cole: Mentoring & Leadership…

Neil Cole shares with us about mentoring and Organic Leadership at Student CPx: Concentrate is Las Vegas in 2009. Neil has been a true Spiritual Father to this movement of lay/student church planters…Enjoy.

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