For Your Entertainment…

While in Texas last week we caught this little ditty on video. My oldest brother challenged my youngest brother to a “wrestling” (“Grappling” in Jui-Jitsu terms) match. Mind you, my youngest brother is a Jui-Jitsu instructor. My oldest brother is…NOT. However, oldest siblings always seem to think they could always “take” their younger siblings…NOT the case here. It was hilarious. We walked over to the “Snow Jui-Jitsu Academy of Keller” where the fun began…

2 thoughts on “For Your Entertainment…

  1. dang..i was waitin for him to do a and btw..u have some legit blogs on here. I ran across ur Desperation blogs..i’ve been goin thru a rough time the past few months..and a few weeks ago..i was askin myself if I was desperate for God and If I needed Him. Those 2 blogs definitely hit home with me. Thanks.

    Ur brother in Christ,
    Austin Lawrence – Oklahoma

    • Hey Austin! Glad you enjoyed the action-packed video! =) haha! Also, thanks for the encouraging words about site. I’m glad to know that people are blessed by it regardless of geographic location, etc. I pray that you have grown to need and become more desperate for Him as you’ve been “askin’ yourself” tough questions and reflecting on life. Take care, and keep in touch. If you ever need anything I am an email away.

      -aaron snow-

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