A Kingdom Paradox {one of many}

A quick thought from my personal worship time with Christ this morning…thoughts?

It seems that we have pursued (Been taught to pursue) personal fulfillment, comfort, “self-help”, & our own happiness in our religious pursuits. Because of this we do not know how to actually hear God’s voice and be obedient. Even if we learn to hear/know God’s voice (based upon scripture, prayer & other disciplines) we don’t seem to have the capacity/faith to obey it because it usually is not what is easy/comfortable. (Most of what we have been taught in our Christian pursuit is how to manage our personal relationship with God, avoid sin, and be “happy” as a Christian) Everything we’ve pursued in our Christian life was in pursuit of comfort and an “easier” life. If something “hard” does come along we write it off as “persecution”, and the enemy trying to attack us.

“Lord, continue to teach me how to hear your voice, and obey even if it goes completely against what seems logical at the moment. Grow my faith to trust what you’re up to. I can say it all day, but I want you to give me opportunities to act out those tough decisions in real life. Thank you that there is grace for it all.”


3 thoughts on “A Kingdom Paradox {one of many}

  1. There is truth in this. We are also taught that if we do find ourselves in a hard place then we must have left a door open, or done something wrong, or perhaps just aren’t good enough. Maybe, but as, or more likely an answer is that God allowed this so that we could learn and become stronger in our faith. I have been there, and struggled with this in the past. Now I tell others, (and try for myself) to embrace the hard times and the painful. Ask God to show you the lesson in it, and to give you the strength to pass through it. He will.

    All the great hero’s of the bible faced times of trial and testing. It is in these times that we are purified, and conformed to His image. Here is where we are prepared for our destiny. And often here is where we FIND our destiny.

  2. Hey Aaron, Glad to read that you all made it to Austin! Thanks for the challenge. I was thinking about this yesterday morning and this morning after reading some of the posts on the google group. Jesus has called us to walk with Him as He called His disciples. While the disciples traveled with Jesus, they learned so muchfrom Him. When Jesus went back to the Father, He sent them out to the harvest, saying He’d go with them. However, at the forefront of His call, He made it clear that they would have to be willing to leave their comforts and even safety behind. I feel like Jesus extends the same call to us: to follow Him, but we have to assume risk when we do. I can’t remember this ever being taught to me before. I know it’s not a good selling point, but I wonder what our walks with Jesus would be like if we made the commitment to walk with Him AND the commitment to suffer with Him
    before we ever called ourselves “Christian”.

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