Back in October Jesus gave the national elder team the task of taking the vision of SCPx & Simple Church Planting to 13 cities all over the country. Our desire was to see groups of students who have heard about SCPx, & what God is doing through student/simple/campus church planting join us for a time of sharing stories, hearing the vision, & joining the movement. From Southern California all the way to Florida God has been bringing together like-minded students and mobilizers to continue to build His church through the vision of SCPx. We are excited about what God is unleashing already through these “iSCPx’s”, & what He will fulfill as the summer roles around into the 4-5 SCPx’s that will be taking place this summer.

As Brad & I spent time in San Diego & Los Angeles for “iSCPx” God did a mighty work creating a sense of National Spiritual Family among existing student church planters in those cities.

Down in Orlando, Florida with our friends Thomas & Lian Day we joined a group of passionate students to share with them the movement that is taking place as students step out to make disciples and Baptize other students on campus.

Yesterday in Austin the past SCPx Austin grads helped facilitate a powerful time of story-telling of what God has done in the past 8 months since their time at SCPx. The room was full of excitement as we shared about SCPx coming up in August in Austin. However, they were all so pumped about what God might want to begin starting TODAY in their lives to prepare them for SCPx this summer. We ended with a time of impartation to one another through the Holy Spirit. Lies of the enemy were destroyed, the weight of performance & idolatry were melted away by the power & freedom of Jesus, & students were unleashed to pursue obedience to Jesus in His most basic command-making disciples of all nations, Baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Jesus, we praise you for what have done so far, and beg for MORE MORE MORE as the remaining “iSCPx’s” take place in the various cities in Jesus’ name.

Here’s some pics from Austin yesterday:


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