Joint Simple Church Gathering…

The Churches Come Together…

The Sunday before last we had a “Joint Simple Church Gathering” at our place. One of our student church planter elders at the student church in Arizona was in town, and joined us to share testimonies of what God is doing there. We were all equally edified as we shared stories of how God is moving in our different simple churches all over the city and country. It is beautiful to see these young passionate students pursue Jesus in such a radical way. There were several people from about 6 different simple churches present. Several of those new churches were started as a direct result of Student CPx here in Austin back in August! We have the privilege of being in a community with several of the leaders from those churches, as well as shepherding them as they are sent back out into their individual contexts.

On another note:
We’ve had people visiting us here in Austin almost every weekend for the past month and a half. It’s been awesome for friends and family to come see what God is doing here as the testimonies spread across the country. Brad McKoy, one of the elder’s on the student church national elder team, and Jim Erb, a spiritual grandfather of ours have been here with us the past few days to pour into us and the students. The Taylor’s then joined us this past weekend to relax and enjoy Austin. Our place is open for anyone to come visit! Do it!

I am excited about the next few months of life for us. They will be busy, but full of fun and the kingdom.

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