This is funny, sad, and true all at the same time. Those of you who have worked on staff at churches before know this routine all too well. My heart hurts a bit to watch it. It doesn’t have to be this way…I MIGHT go as far as to say it SHOULDN’T be this way…but I won’t, actually.

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2 thoughts on “Embarassing.

  1. When I was in like the fourth grade, I learned the slang word “poser”. Unfortunately it still feels like such a fitting term for so much of what we see being done these days in order to try and make Jesus look hip…

    What floors me though, is that with all of these cliche things (graphic tees, square-rimmed glasses), there seems to be a genuine belief that all this stuff really makes God more appealing to people in the World…

    In reality, I see it as being little more than churches (i.e. businesses) who are shifting their target market, towards a younger generation of kids who were raised going to church, but now want to go to a church that’s cooler than their parent’s… It’s like Coke or Pepsi trying to reinvent itself for the fifteenth time. But I believe that most people (in the World, on the outside looking in) see it for what it is, merely a window-dressing change, a new marketing campaign, perpetuated by people who seem to be afraid (or have no concept how) to rely on the Power of God alone…

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