Movement “Nuggets”…

There’s a lot of talk about “movements” these days. Whether it’s  “Church Planting Movements“, or a youtube video that goes “viral”, there’s no question there are some “Kingdom principles” to glean from current happenings. There are many faith based organizations pursuing and contending for a “Gospel movement” that surpasses anything we can make happen through our own man-made efforts. These movement characteristics often cannot be explained outside of being described as “miraculous moves of the Holy Spirit”. Many missional strategists have gotten together years AFTER a movement has begun to study the various steps that were taken leading up to the movement.

I have been fascinated by these studies for several years now, and have made it a personal/organization goal to pursue practices that have “movement principles” within their DNA. I certainly do not have anything “figured out”, and there is definitely NOT a formula one might “plug in” to produce a “movement”. However, I can’t help but think that some of the things we are beginning to see happen here in the states as a result of our various organizational practices contain some powerful movement “nuggets”. Lots of people are labeling what they are doing a “movement”…I can’t say that we are “there” yet, or ever will be. (Or, for that matter, that we would ever be a self-described movement, but rather allow outsiders who look in to describe what they see as “that”) What I do feel confident about is that these things we are seeing happen are heading in the right direction, and are rooted in the multiplication of individual disciples in the context of new Spiritual Families being birthed. What you will see in the below video is something we have the pleasure of seeing take place on a regular basis all over the country…Praise Jesus.

Cameron is a student who went through SCPx in Austin this past summer. He lives in DFW and is back there living out the training he received at SCPx. Cameron is one of MANY students who are being equipped and RELEASED to live out their faith in “movement” ways.

3 thoughts on “Movement “Nuggets”…

  1. Hey bro,

    I’m also seeing a lot of usage of the word “movement”. I think it’s replacing “missional” as the new buzz word… and unfortunately I think wrongly in most contexts–mostly in multi-campus settings or churches who may plant another church or two. I totally appreciate your caution here. I think a lot of churches using the word movement to describe what they’re doing just may be seeing the seeds of a potential movement happening, but’s its still way too soon to tell. If we can’t call something multiplication until generation #4 (2 Tim. 2:2), then when is it safe to call it a movement? Just something to think about.

    Great post (as usual).

  2. I can only agree. We should just seek to do the Lord’s will and let others find labels for our work! In seeking to maintain people’s morale we pastors/leaders/catalysts often slip into habits of exaggeration or talking things up. In seeking to rally people we often reach for inflated language. Everyone wants to be “missional” Who could be against it?! Everyone wants to be part of a “movement”. No-one wants to be on the sidelines. One antidote to these syndromes is to focus on the work itself and let the work speak for itself. I believe that if we can be real about exactly what is happening it will more than motivate those with a humble heart to serve the kingdom.

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