Never Thought THIS Would Happen…!

As many of you already know we have been in Austin about 9 months. A LOT of exciting things are happening. We’ve sensed that Austin just might be more of a “home base” (for now=) Perhaps we will be here a tad longer than Vegas…hmmm….who knows! Throughout the last couple of months we have been in the process of purchasing a little house on the northeast side of Austin (St. John’s). This is something we NEVER thought we would do, or thought we could afford. All of the pieces have fallen together divinely, and God has confirmed this decision every step of the way. There is a lot more to this decision than simply purchasing a place to “live”…

A friend who lives in St. Johns told us about the house, and after much prayer we sensed TONS of peace (As our friends Bob & Ann have always said, “Go where the peace is”). There are several sets of friends living in this neighborhood already, as well as a House Church that was started by some friends of ours a couple years ago. There’s built in community, as well as tons of potential for growth & new disciples/churches. This is a lower income neighborhood (the reason we’re able to afford the house on our modest income) with quite the “personality”. However, several young married couples have moved in in the past few years with a vision to see the hood transformed. In that time they have seen drug dealers “prayed OUT”, single mom’s served, kids Baptized, etc. We get to join them in a redemptive plan to keep bringing Jesus to this neighborhood. Also, The guys community house that our intern, Bear, lived in over the summer is two streets over from this house. (This is the same community house that my older brother Isaac might be moving into in the next few days! He’s staying with us at our apartment in Austin right now making some pretty amazing life changes and decision! =)

The exciting news is obviously that we are buying our first home…and we are CLOSING TODAY! =) We are so pumped about this, and wanted to share this news with you all. It’s quaint, and small. Morgan and I both feel the Lord is moving us into a new season of “simplifying” our lives EVEN MORE as we take this step. Check it out…

7 thoughts on “Never Thought THIS Would Happen…!

  1. Congratulations Aaron. Your new home looks really sweet. Buying a home is a great adventure – and I know the Snow household will be…well, like a NT household!

    I have found household-based expressions of church to be incredibly powerful in the way they make the kingdom of God visible, tangible and palpable to anyone who comes into them. By the way, I can relate to your story because the first house I bought in Australia was also “redeemed” from a previous life in the drugs trade!

    Incidentally it’s amazing hearing people’s stories about buying houses – people who like myself never thought we would be able to purchase a property on account of living on sponsorship/ministry wages. As Jesus said, (I know you know the verse) ” Seek ye first…and all these other things…The Lord knows that you need these things.”

    Peace upon your house, Aaron, Morgan and Eliza – from Paul, Ruth, Evie and Bump xxx

  2. When Morgan showed me this house a few months ago i was drooling and fell in love with it too! Can’t wait to make dinner with you guys and sit on the patio out back, and have some wine! That big back yard will be perfect for the kids to run around! I’m soooo thrilled for you guys. Morgan is going to have a blast nesting! We’re so glad that the Lord is showing you guys favor and giving you such a sweet little place. CAN’T wait to enjoy it with you! I hope (if we dont move up to austin soon) we can come see you guys in the next 6 months.

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