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Aaron spent five years directing a non-profit that he and a few friends started in 2007. While he is no longer in an active full time role with Intentional Gatherings Aaron is still very passionate about seeing everyday believers equipped to live out the Gospel, and BE the Church of Jesus Christ in their context. Below are some of the wonderful resources that became available as a result of the work Aaron did with Intentional Gatherings.

Here is a video that includes a bit of the story of SCPx, as well as the vision and desire to equip students to live out the Great Commission in their lives…

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***Please see the “Box.net widget” to the right of this page to download files that are GREAT resources for Simple Church Planting***

Beautiful FOUNDATIONAL word from Courtney Werner, a past SCPx “grad” who is LIVING the stuff! Be blessed by this word:

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Joseph is a part of our simple church community here in Vegas. He’s been pouring into JD for several months now. JD had a power encounter with God while alone one night & surrendered his life to Christ. Joseph, who has been discipling JD got to Baptize him this past Sunday in our neighborhood pool! Imagine that, the DISCIPLER Baptizing the DISCIPLE! When & why did we stop practicing this…? JD invited some of his unbelieving friends to come be a part of the celebration of this Jesus who has so beautifully interrupted his life.

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I hope you will all check out the information about Student CPx, and consider being a part of this experience. If you know anyone who might benefit from SCPx please send them our way, or to the website for info/reg. If you are closer to Kansas then we encourage you to register for the SCPx in Lawrence, Kansas, which is taking place July 19-31.

What is Simple Church?”
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This is a teaching that Aaron Snow did at SPARK 2008 about students starting lay-led churches on their campuses, in their neighborhoods/apt complexes, etc.

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When the works of the scriptures are placed back into the hands of the common people, and not only in the hands of religious professionals we will see the beginnings of a movement…

Students from campuses and cities all over the country met in Las Vegas for a “Student Church Planters Experience”. On top of being equipped, and empowered to take the Gospel back to their campuses, make disciples, and see new communities of faith birthed we got to participate in some Baptisms!

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Students from a YWAM D.T.S. after learning about Baptism…

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