I.G. Vegas Staying Busy…

I.G. tends to stay pretty busy most of the time. The team in Ft. Worth continues to serve the inner city of Ft. Worth, and we have been rockin’ and rollin’ here in Vegas as well. I will keep this short, and touch on the highlights for now…

I.G. House (Vegas=)

The I.G. House here in Vegas has become a reality. Candace & Lola will be moving into the house at the beginning of November as what we are calling “house hosts”. There will be space available for “interns” in the house as well. MUCH more on this to come…

I.G. Serving – Club Christ

As many of you know I.G. has been partnered with Club Christ Ministries here in the Vegas Valley for quite some time now. Candace Rink, who is a part of one of our I.G. Communities here in the valley is on their staff, and runs the entire North Las Vegas Site.

A few I.G.er’s, and some other Club Christ Volunteers got together yesterday to paint the North Las Vegas Site. It was beautiful to serve with our I.G. “family”, and bless another local non-profit as the body of Christ in the city. This is what it’s all about baby!

From Left: Mike, Wes, Candace, Aaron, Lola

From Left: Lola, Raymond, Wes

***Serving Club Christ over the past 9 months has been a blessing to I.G. Vegas***

I.G. + International Students

We have an amazing opportunity to work with UNLV international students here in Vegas. All Nations Fellowship has been started, and I have committed to serving them in any way that I can. I met with them this past Friday for their weekly fellowship gathering. There is HUGE potential for kingdom growth here. We hope to invite many of these students to be a part of our student simple church training here in Vegas in January. MUCH more on this to come…

Stay tuned in the next day or so for an entry about the Vegas Valley Missional Community Network Celebration Gathering that took place on Sunday, Octover 5th. It was a wonderful success…

Club Christ Youth Camp

Last week was an amazing experience for all of us. In my previous post I shared that we were going to be in northern California with the Jr./Sr. High School students who are in the Club Christ program. We were in the mountains at beautiful Jenness Park. The kids were certainly out of their element. We were at a Southern Baptist camp with about 500 other students. Every church present was a southern Baptist church consisting of primarily white, suburban kids from the west coast. In the midst of this environment the kids thrived, and everyone LOVED them.

Though they were not used to being outside of the city, they were able to experience the wonder of Christ’s creation. In Vegas the lights blind our eyes from the stars, but not in Jenness Park. The kids had a blast, and we all grew closely in our relationships with one another. The kids bonded at a new level; they connected with their creator, together. We worked through deeply rooted hurts, confessed sin, and learned about the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As leaders, we were able to share with them a Gospel that they were unfamiliar with. Several of them were set free, and discovered that their abilities were given to them by God, and for His glory.

From top left: Jeremie, Myzavion, Evan, Aaron, Ben, Morgan, Jayde, Raymond, Candace, Chanel, Jackie, Michael, John, Ajee.


Me and Jackie

Michale: the newest edition to the Club Christ family!


Though these kids were completely out of their element they learned how to connect with God in their own special way. They realized that there are many ways to worship God…Yes, they had a bit of trouble sitting through “worship services”, standing up at the “appropriate time”, and raising their hands at the “appropriate time”. They realized that there is much more to worshiping God than songs and body language. We had such a blast with them, and are pumped about starting up this next school year with them. We praise Christ for what He did in the lives of these ten students last week, and wait anxiously to see how the kingdom is grown as a result…