Intentional Gatherings Website

I thought I’d take a second to shamelessly plug our organization on the ol’ blog today. Many of you know what we do, so I won’t go into too much detail. Instead, I want to direct you to our website. There you will find TONS of great info. From what Intentional Gatherings is all about, to wonderful resources on how to make disciples & start your own faith community the site has become a blessing to many. We even have the ability to process tax-deductible donations online now! So, if you believe in what we do as an organization, and would like to make a tax-deductible donation head over and show us some love. =)

As you navigate around the site I encourage you to check out the various videos from our Student CPx’s, video teachings, outreach projects, Baptisms, and so much more. There is also a file sharing box where you can download various articles, workbooks, and other resources for simple church planting.

It’s been a wonderful journey over the past three years watching this organization grow and morph into what it is today. We can only hope and pray that it continues to change as we learn, and are sharpened by the Holy Spirit. I want to thank you all for  your love and support as we have ventured out into a story that only God Himself could have written…

It was around this time three years ago that the first group of us (Shout out to the Duckett’s) got together to start dreaming about what life as a follower of Christ could look like. It was then that I.G. was “accidentally born”. Here’s to another three years!