What’s The REASON?

A few days ago I posted lyrics to a Derek Webb song titled, “A New Law”. I hope you read them, and let them sink in. If not, I encourage you to click the above link, skip the stuff I wrote, and READ the lyrics. Or, just go listen to it. At the end I gave some examples about how as Christians we tend to slap new rules and regulations on things for the sake of ease, but miss the root issue in the process. We do things in an attempt to protect, or shield others from potential evils while sometimes killing the good in those things. (I have friends who got married several years ago, but had trouble with their sex life. They’d been taught their entire lives about the evils of sex, but never about the beauties when done “properly”) Here are two other examples I used in the last post:

“It is easier for me to tell my kids not to say curse words (give them a new law), than it is for me to teach them over time how to have love in their hearts instead of anger. It is easier for me to tell every young person I meet not to drink, and that it’s a sin (To “protect” them from it’s potential evils) than it is for me to teach them the truth about moderation & drunkenness. You get the point…”

What are some other things you can think of that we do as believers that miss the point? What are some ways we create “new laws” when it’s unnecessary? How has this negatively affected how the lost world around us views Christians, and The Church?