Prayer of a Husband & Future Daddy…

This is a prayer that has been powerful in my life; I try to pray it often. Of course, it changes here and there, but has a similar theme throughout. After writing it in my journal this morning I thought I’d share it with you all. May we all pray for one another, that we might take such powerful words that are easy to say, and make them a reality in our lives…

May 5, 2009

Lord, I commit my thoughts to you today. They belong to you, and are for the purpose of bringing glory to your name. I will take them captive, and make them pleasing and holy to you. May my thoughts bring glory to you in every way possible. Lord, I also commit my thoughts to Morgan, pure thoughts that are pleasing to you, and captured for her good pleasure. Lord, grow our love for one another today. May we serve each other in such a way that our love for one another cannot help but grow. May I, through your Spirit, have the ability to put Morgan before myself, and in so doing, serve her in a powerful way. May that cause her love for me to grow. May Morgan, through your Spirit, have the ability to put me before herself, and in so doing, serve me in a powerful way. May that cause my love for her to grow. Father, give me a supernatural ability to lead Morgan in fresh, new, and effective ways. Only by your Spirit will I be able to lead her appropriately. May that leading allow her to rest in the security of her Savior, and husband. Please prepare me to be a daddy. Make me ready, humble, slow to anger, patient, and quick to extend grace in all areas of my family life. Lord, I trust you, and love you. I pray all of this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ my Savior. Amen.

Please share some prayers that you pray that might be uplifting or encouraging to those reading…Many of us find life in the prayers and Psalms of David. May we write our own journey’s, struggles, pleas, and prayers for the edification of others…

This Could Be Beautiful…


A friend of mine from back in Texas has been working on a wonderful personal reflection tool in his “spare time”. He actually just launched it this past Monday, and I wanted to share it with you all because I truly believe it will be powerful in some of your lives. It may not be for everyone, but it is certainly worth a try; if you spend  much time on a computer at all you should definitely create an account, and go through some “examens”. 

This tool allows you to take more intentional steps in your personal worship time with the Lord in many different/interactive ways. I don’t know about you guys, but I stopped journaling with a pen and paper years ago. Typically, I journal on a Word document while trying to flip through the scriptures, look at Bible Gateway, all while jotting down notes and prayer points. allows you to do all of this right on your computer, and stores everything on the server. You have the ability to be guided through different scripture/prayer/journaling “examens”, and led towards real life application. I would encourage everyone to go create an account, try out a few examens, and see what you think. I would also love to hear any feedback that you may have. My buddy Brent would cherish any feedback as well. 

I’ve been a bit absent from the blog this week due to my mom, dad, and two little brothers being in town. I took the week off from teaching, and other work to spend some good quality time with them. I should be back in full swing this next week with some fun stories from this past week…

I.H.O.P. – Not Pancakes.

On Wednesday night I went to the “International House of Prayer” with Seth, Jaeson,   Erik, and Neil for the first time. It was an amazing experience. In Kansas City there has been constant, 24/7 prayer and worship for 8 straight years here at this location. If you have never been to I.H.O.P you need to schedule a few days off, and go. When you do, go alone, and prepare to be refreshed. The Spirit is thick in this place, always. They have been praying for revival, and commissioning missionaries out all over the world for almost a decade now.

We spent some time in the prayer room praying. We were then escorted to a private prayer room where we were met by four intercessors. They prayed over each of us, and blessed us all with personal prophetic words from the Lord. This was a powerful, affirming, and encouraging time. Seth took us on a tour of the rest of the campus. I don’t have time to go into everything that takes place at I.H.O.P, so please visit their site and do some research. You will be blessed to know about what goes on 24/7 at this house of prayer.

Student Church Planting Movements

I have been in Lawrence, Kansas since early Monday morning. I was asked by my friend Erik Fish to come here and speak, along with several others, to a group of about 35 college students about starting “missional communities” on their college campuses. This training that Erik, and the “Campus Church Network” crew (Jaeson Ma, Sam Lee, Benson Lee) has organized is called “Student CPx“.

It has been such a blessing this week to share with students that they can be part of a CPM even…especially while in college! These guys & girls are pumped, passionate, and excited. There was no deconstruction process to go through for why “this & that” is wrong, broken, or ineffective. Praise Christ! I did not have to spend any time trying to convince them to simply hear me out on the topic of “missional community” multiplication. They were hungry for the story of “Intentional Gatherings” in Ft. Worth, and what we are up to in Las Vegas. They wanted to hear practical ways we seek to foster intimate community among believers for the purpose of accountability, discipleship, service, and reproduction. They asked all of the right questions; many of which I simply could not answer, but encouraged them to begin “writing their own story”.

As I’ve spent time with different students on an individual basis throughout the week it gives me such hope, and excitement to think that they are embarking on a journey that could result in the rapid spread of the Gospel throughout America. These students are from different college campuses all over the country. Five different countries are represented, as well as almost 15 different states. All 35 students will return back to their campuses and start simple churches, or “missional communities” that reproduce…if they have not already done so. This excites me.

I sat around the table for dinner tonight with, who I truly believe are some of the sharpest minds in the organic/simple church reproduction “world”. It was a true pleasure, and blessing from God to share in kingdom centered conversation with these guys. Jaeson Ma, with all of his energy and excitement shared dreams and visions the Lord has given him recently. Erik Fish shared a beautiful opportunity the Lord has placed in his lap between two amazing organizations. Neil Cole, in his humble wisdom breathed discerment into the entire conversation after sharing with us a key element that must be present in a CPM here in the states. We dreamed and brainstormed about some potentially huge things in terms of kingdom growth and CPM’s. I have certainly learned more here in Kansas than I have taught, and pray this is the case everywhere I go.

“Jesus, we pray for a student volunteer movement to sweep across this country throughout college campuses in the form of “missional communities” being started and multiplied. Use us, release us, and set us free.”