Simple Church “FAQ’s”

Hey there blog readers. I wanted to share a wonderful resource with those of you who are either simple church planters, or are “investigating” simple church in differently ways. Some of you have embarked on this journey to plant, others of you are still questioning the Biblical legitimacy of simple church. A friend of mine here in Vegas, Scott Linklater, is doing a study/documentary video on Simple Church for his denomination. It will be a great voice for SC, and raise awareness in the denomination. As a part of the study he has put together a list of FAQ’s about simple church, and asked that practitioners participate. I filled out the questions, and sent them back to him. I also posted a link to the file here on the blog, and would love for you guys to look over it; fill it out if you like. Feel free to share it with whomever, and if you do fill it out I would love to read the answers you contributed. If you do so please email them back to me:

Scott will also greatly appreciate your feedback. To the right of this post, and down a little bit you will notice a “” file sharing widget. The file is at the very top. Simple download it, fill it out, keep it, share it, and please email it back to me. I will forward it to Scott. Again, your response is greatly needed and appreciated for this “study”. Let me know if you have any questions!