Dearest Eliza…

editA few days ago I posted the letter I wrote to Morgan as she began her adventure as a mommy. I also wrote a letter to Eliza a few weeks before the birth. After she was born Morgan and I spent some time alone together with her. It was a beautiful time of worship as I prayed, and spoke these words over them in Jesus’ name…


“Dearest Eliza,

I am humbled that the Lord has chosen your mommy and I to be the first two people who get to welcome you into this new world. We do so in the name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ who did for us what we could not do ourselves, become sinless & Holy that we may commune with the living God. It was God who formed you inside of your mother, and allowed us to be blessed with you. We have committed to a life centered on the Gospel, and kingdom of God. We realize that first and foremost this means we get to raise you as a disciple of Jesus. Aside from each other, we now commit to placing you before anyone else. It is upon this foundation that you enter into our lives. May this become a reality as you grow into the woman of God that He created you to be.

We begin this first conversation with you by confessing our weakness, and brokenness. We admit that we do not have the ability to accomplish this task of raising you that has been laid before us. We humbly confess that we will not always know the right answers, and will likely make decisions that disappoint you. Due to the sin nature that battles inside of us we will probably be responsible, at some point, for pain in your life. It will be these times that we must ask you, as our daughter, for grace, mercy, and forgiveness. Our need for, and dependency upon Christ must be made known now, and we must all be reminded of this reality from this day forward. We are daily begging God for the power of His Holy Spirit to empower us to be equipped for a task such as this. We claim victory over your life right now in Jesus’ name. That victory covers our task as parents, and we are believing by faith that it covers your future decision to follow Christ as Savior with your life.

Eliza, we chose this as your first name that we may be reminded daily to declare these words over you. Your name means “worshiper of God”, or “consecrated to God”. We have a deep desire for you to grow to learn and understand what it means to be a true worshiper of God. We, as your parents, consecrate you, or “dedicate you”, and “declare you as sacred” in Jesus’ name. We declare, by giving you this name, a life devoted to God as your Heavenly Father.

With your middle name, Sage, which means “wise one”, we declare a life of divine wisdom over you in Jesus’ name. This wisdom will allow you to understand the very nature of God, and His Kingdom. It will also give you the ability to make decisions that line up with those Kingdom principles.

As your earthly father I commit to you a lifetime of love. I, once again, admit that my love is conditional due to the sin nature that lives in me. However, I commit to constantly pointing you to your Heavenly Father who’s love is UNCONDITIONAL. I can only pray that as I point you to Him, and you experience His grace and love that you might be able to extend that same forgiveness and grace to me during the times that I fail you. I commit to striving for these characteristics as your daddy:

Humility/Honesty: I will never lie to you, or take advantage of the Spiritual authority I have in your life. I will not deceive you into thinking that I always know the right answers to everything. Patience: I will not expect you to know things, and be able to do everything right all the time. I will patiently wait for you to grow, and mature in God’s perfect timing for you. I commit to teaching you slowly, and throughout your life what it means to follow Christ, and put others before yourself. When you mess up I will patiently help you learn more. Throughout this entire process I promise to pursue being in control of myself, my emotions, anger, and temper. I will need the power of the Holy Spirit for this one, and much grace from you when I fail to live up to this commitment. When the above things do not go as planned I am striving to be slow to anger, and quick to love. Of course, the foundation for all of these is Love. Love, Integrity, and Character, are the foundation in which I commit to building everything else upon.

Eliza, you are a precious gift to your mother and I from our Father in heaven. We are extremely grateful for you, and commit to spending the rest of our lives loving you and showing you how to love. Our purpose in life, which will hopefully become your purpose, is to know God, and make Him known. We are trusting that one way we can do that is to pour our lives, and love into you and your future siblings. We love you very much. We declare these things over you in the name of Jesus, our Savior. Amen.”

We ask that you, as our brothers and sisters in Christ, would hold us accountable to these commitments we have made to our baby girl. Thank you.

Prayer of a Husband & Future Daddy…

This is a prayer that has been powerful in my life; I try to pray it often. Of course, it changes here and there, but has a similar theme throughout. After writing it in my journal this morning I thought I’d share it with you all. May we all pray for one another, that we might take such powerful words that are easy to say, and make them a reality in our lives…

May 5, 2009

Lord, I commit my thoughts to you today. They belong to you, and are for the purpose of bringing glory to your name. I will take them captive, and make them pleasing and holy to you. May my thoughts bring glory to you in every way possible. Lord, I also commit my thoughts to Morgan, pure thoughts that are pleasing to you, and captured for her good pleasure. Lord, grow our love for one another today. May we serve each other in such a way that our love for one another cannot help but grow. May I, through your Spirit, have the ability to put Morgan before myself, and in so doing, serve her in a powerful way. May that cause her love for me to grow. May Morgan, through your Spirit, have the ability to put me before herself, and in so doing, serve me in a powerful way. May that cause my love for her to grow. Father, give me a supernatural ability to lead Morgan in fresh, new, and effective ways. Only by your Spirit will I be able to lead her appropriately. May that leading allow her to rest in the security of her Savior, and husband. Please prepare me to be a daddy. Make me ready, humble, slow to anger, patient, and quick to extend grace in all areas of my family life. Lord, I trust you, and love you. I pray all of this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ my Savior. Amen.

Please share some prayers that you pray that might be uplifting or encouraging to those reading…Many of us find life in the prayers and Psalms of David. May we write our own journey’s, struggles, pleas, and prayers for the edification of others…